Amsoil Lubed Victory Bound for National Museum

By 2003, AMSOIL Dealer Tim “Roadkill” Werder had accumulated 100,000 miles on his 1999 Victory V92C motorcycle.

Amsoil Dealer Tim Roadkill Werder
Amsoil Dealer
Tim Roadkill Werder

Werder, of Shawangunk, N.Y., rode an additional 100,000 miles aboard his bike by May 2008. He will donate the bike, known as “Traveler,” to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

Werder’s Victory remains the world’s highestmileage bike for the brand since the first Victory V92C production model rolled off the assembly line on July 4, 1998. “It still attains 60 miles per gallon,” he said.

For mechanical security, he only runs AMSOIL 10W-40 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCF)and 20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV) in his bikes. “I recommend the full AMSOIL motorcycle oil line to my customers and other riders,” Werder said. Werder also has another 1999 Victory V92C and a 2003 Victory Vegas.

Werder traveled 200-plus miles daily to his job until a state layoff late in 2009, which helped him achieve a motorcycle mileage nearing 700,000 miles. His high-mileage Victory is the third motorcycle he has ridden past 100,000 miles, and his first past the 200,000-mile mark.

“I also use AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 (STM) in the shocks on the bikes and AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver gasoline additive in all of my vehicles,” Werder said. “My 2004 Chevrolet Aveo has 157,000 miles, and my wife’s 2003 Subaru Forester has 107,000 miles. Neither has ever had a lick of trouble.”

1999 Victory V92C Motorcycle
HISTORY-MAKING MILEAGE — AMSOIL Dealer Tim “Roadkill” Werder of New York will donate his 1999 Victory V92C motorcycle to the National Motorcycle Museum with more than 200,000 miles on the engine.

His daily commute now is only 50 miles. “I’m stunned at the amount of money I’m saving in fuel costs,” Werder said. “I joke with friends that the gas companies keep sending me ‘We Miss You’ cards.”

Werder continues to ride his bikes year round, even in the cold Northeast winters. In fact, he bought his 2008 CanAm Spyder Roadster GS reverse trike because he wanted to ride through the winter without falling down. He has put 40,000 miles on it in two years.

“I tell everyone they should ride until they can’t, be it due to weather tolerability, cold endurance, whatever,” Werder said. “I just happen to also like riding in cold weather, so my motorcycle riding season simply doesn’t end.”

Within the past several years, Werder also has kept busy fighting for riders through motorcyclists’ rights organizations, including serving as state president of ABATE of New York, Inc. In fact, he broke the 200,000-mile mark on his record-setting Victory motorcycle on the way home from leading ABATE of New York at its annual motorcyclist rights rally on the steps of the state capitol in May 2008.

He adds his mantra, “Pay attention to the bike’s maintenance basics for longevity. Pay attention to your own riding skills for survivability. And then just ride the hell out of it.”

As Roadkill says, “Ride on.

Amsoil is America’s Oil

Amsoil ExecutivesThese are difficult times for all Americans and our many friends around the world. We at AMSOIL share the sorrow and anger felt by all over the vicious terrorist attacks that took place on September 11 and the suspicious anthrax-filled letters sent to our lawmakers and others. Nothing has been quite the same for any of us since then.

Our leaders in Washington have been faced with tough decisions and, to date, have put their differences aside to speak with one voice. I believe the spirit of patriotism brings all Americans closer together during times like these. I sincerely hope it lasts!

I was also faced with a difficult decision shortly after the attack. Our Direct Jobber Convention was scheduled for October 11 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Considering the tragic events that were unfolding, I simply couldn’t put our staff and Direct Jobbers at risk by asking them to fly there and all meet under one roof in that location. Therefore, I decided to postpone our Convention until next spring.

These terrorist attacks couldn’t have come at a worse time for our country. Our economy was struggling, unemployment was climbing, and we were just beginning to see a recovery when everything simply shut down. But through it all, our business and yours continued to grow. The reason? When you manufacture the best products in the world, people will buy them. When your products outperform all other products on the market, people will buy them. When your products save users money, people will buy them. And when your products reduce our dependency on foreign oil, people will buy them!

Our products do all those things. Bottom line, our success is based on the high quality of our products.

That’s what keeps customers coming back to us. Even during bad economic times, people still drive their vehicles, businesses still move products over the road, salespeople still call on customers, and they are all interested in saving money every way they can. You and I help them do that!

Our product quality is the main reason for our continuing success, but there is another factor I’m sure you have encountered in your business as you offer this business opportunity to your friends and customers.

During troubled financial times, people are looking for ways to earn extra money, and an AMSOIL Business has been the answer for many of them. Our growing sponsorship numbers continue to bear this out. During these troubled times, there is one overriding reason to use our products. Today, we really don’t know who our friends are or as things progress, how long they will be our friends. Now is the time for all of us to do what we can to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and using AMSOIL products is one easy way we all can do that.

We are regular advertisers in the National Oil and Lube News magazine. In this month’s issue, we placed an ad that tells readers that based on a 5% increase in fuel economy, if everyone in America used AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, Gear Lube and drive train fluids, we could save up to three and one-half billion gallons of gasoline in just one year. That’s right. I said billion! This is from hard numbers taken from government statistics of domestic motor fuel consumption, and is not something we pulled out of our hat.

Now it is an accepted fact in the industry that by switching to synthetic lubricants, motorists will see an increase of 3 – 5% in fuel economy. Our experience has been that motorists experience ever greater fuel economy increases, but we used industry-accepted numbers to demonstrate our point.

That’s only half the story. The other half is the extended service life AMSOIL lubricants provide and the dramatic reduction in lubes and fluids that result. Right now, America needs to use less oil, and AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants can be a part of the answer to reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

To paint this in the minds of all of us and all Americans, I’m coining the term “America’s Oil” as our slogan for the coming year. AMSOIL is truly “America’s Oil”. This company and all our products originated in America. There was no other oil like AMSOIL in the world. It all began right here.

As a former Lt. Col. and jet fighter squadron commander, I chose the red, white and blue as my company colors. America’s colors. AMSOIL was founded on the principles of the American free enterprise system and it has flourished as such. Our products are made in America by an American company.

There has never been a better time for “America’s Oil”! AMSOIL.

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

A Change of Drivers, but a Commitment to AMSOIL Pays Off for Bonicelli Racing

Amsoil Race Driver Burney Lamar
Amsoil Race Driver Burney Lamar

Burney Lamar, driving the AMSOIL car for Bonicelli Racing, won the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series 2001 Rookie of the Year. Lamar clinched the award in Tucson, Arizona at the season finale.

Lamar qualified third, won the “Trophy Dash” and finished the 150-lap feature event in eighth place. This was the first title for the AMSOIL using team from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Team Owner Mike Bonicelli said, “We’re real happy with the win. It’s been a tough deal right down to the end.”

Lamar and Bonicelli had 12 top twenty, seven top ten and one top five finishes on the Southwest Series in 2001.

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Amsoil 2-Cycle Oils Provide Ultimate Protection for Snowmobiles

As any serious snowmobiler knows, two-cycle oil is the life-blood of the motor, and a quality oil provides an extra margin of protection when you need it most. In extreme operating conditions, the quality of the oil could very well be the difference between riding home or walking home.

Amsoil HPI 2 Cycle OilBefore the introduction of two-cycle oils, people had to use automotive motor oil in their two-cycle equipment. Many problems arose, and engineers have since recognized the specific performance needs of two-cycle engines. Two-cycle snowmobile engine oil requirements include compatibility with other oils, lubricity to prevent piston scuffing, cleanliness to prevent deposit build-up in the combustion chamber and on the rings, fluidity at cold temperatures and rust protection during off season storage. AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils meet these requirements.

Buy Now/Pricing Information (Opens in New Window)

Two-cycle engines equipped with oil injection tanks are bound to experience cross contamination when switching from one brand of oil to another. That is why it is important oils are compatible. AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils have been tested and are compatible with other TCW3 two-cycle oils. Even so, deliberately mixing oils is never a good idea. To minimize cross contamination, AMSOIL recommends that the oil tank be run down to a low level before switching to AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oil.

Lubricity describes an oil’s film strength and its ability to prevent piston scuffing. Heat causes pistons in twocycle engines to expand, making the piston-to-cylinder clearance very small. A two-cycle oil with good lubricity prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces friction and wear. AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils have been formulated to improve lubricity. In fact, their chemistries are so robust that 100:1 mix ratios are achievable with AMSOIL 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oil. AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils easily pass the industry standard ASTM D-4863-00 lubricity test and have years of proven performance in the field.

When oil burns, it leaves deposits on the rings, in the combustion chamber and in the exhaust port. With mineral oils, much of these deposits come from the heavy base oils needed for lubricity. AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils are formulated with clean burning, lightweight esters instead of heavy mineral base oils, reducing deposits so engines run clean.

Amsoil Saber 2 Cycle OilFLUIDITY
The synthetic base oil chemistries making up AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil and 2-Cycle Injector Oil have excellent cold temperature properties, maintaining excellent fluidity and ensuring good pumpability and a constant oil flow. AMSOIL 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oil is designed for pre-mix applications and is not recommended for oil injection systems.

Although many two-cycle oils don’t contain rust inhibitors, AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils are fully formulated with them. They have been tested and proven to prevent rust from condensation during off season storage.

Originally intended only for water-cooled outboard motors, the most commonly referred to standard for two-cycle oil performance is the National Marine Manufacturers Association TC-W3 standard.

AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils are recommended for applications requiring TC-W3 oils and in Arctic Cat®, Polaris®, Ski-Doo® and Yamaha® snowmobiles. Although Ski-Doo® does not recognize TC-W3 as a sufficient standard for its two-cycle engines, AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oil significantly outperforms TC-W3 standard oils and is perfectly suited for Ski-Doo® snowmobiles. In fact, the AMSOIL Snocross Team races Ski-Doo® sleds and has a proven track record of great success.

AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils have consistently demonstrated their superior performance in both racing and trail riding applications and are the product of choice for major snowmobile fleets in Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, where the mountains are high and the riding is tough.

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Big Changes ahead for Diesel Trucks and Oils

Amsoil 15W-40 Diesel and Marine OilThe buzz around the diesel truck industry these days concerns the new pollution regulations set to go into effect in October 2002. Although many engine manufacturers and fleet operators remain unsure of how they will meet the new requirements, the general assumption has been the incorporation of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) units, which would recirculate a portion of the exhaust to the engine’s combustion chamber to incinerate pollutants. But although EGR units would seriously reduce levels of nitrous oxides and particulates in diesel exhaust, they would also significantly increase the amount of soot in engines, possibly forcing fleet operators to cut back on oil drain intervals.

With the goal being to “meet the needs of EGRequipped engines while maintaining current oil drain intervals,” the American Petroleum Institute (API) is working on the next category of heavy-duty engine oils, PC-9. However, because of widespread belief that the new oils will not be ready by October 2002, trucking companies are faced with either developing their own internal specifications or using current CH-4 diesel oils. Unfortunately, the use of petroleum CH-4 diesel oils would likely force fleet operators to backtrack on drain intervals, something the industry has been working to lengthen over the past few years.

Another concern facing fleet operators is that the new oils will not be compatible in earlier model years, creating a huge logistical problem. “Our biggest fear is that the new oils will be non-backward compatible,” said Lou Stumpp, technical services manager for Budget Truck Group. “If that happens, you have an inventory and storage issue. It becomes a management issue because you have to keep the right stuff in the right engines and you may have different intervals for new and old vehicles. And what happens if you put the wrong oil in the wrong engine? Because you know that’s going to happen at some point.”

While fleet operators have been assured everything will work out in the end, worries over emissions regulations have just begun. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has scheduled even tighter regulations to take effect in 2007, including a 95 percent reduction in nitrous oxides and particulates and a 90 percent reduction in soot. In order to help meet these new goals, the EPA plans a 97 percent reduction in the sulfur content of diesel fuel in 2006.

The 2007 mandate will be much more difficult to meet, probably impossible unless major changes are made in diesel systems. “Until now, we’ve been meeting regulations by tweaking engines – doing things like exhaust gas recycling or turbo-charging,” said Joe Suchecki, director of public affairs for the Engine Manufacturers Association. “But we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns for those kinds of fixes and we’re going to have to turn to things like ultra-low sulfur fuel and exhaust aftertreatment.

Amsoil Heavy Duty 5W-30 Diesel OilThose are bigger undertakings.”

Danny Larkin of Detroit Diesel believes 2007 engines will boast a very advanced design, featuring advanced combustion properties and designs that will make the soot problems of 2003 engines a thing of the past. The corresponding diesel oils will also be formulated much differently than today’s oils, with an emphasis on deposit control.

If such solutions come about, it could negatively affect the trucking industry in a variety of ways. New after-treatment systems could add $2000 to the price of new vehicles, and reducing the sulfur content in diesel fuel would undoubtedly raise fuel prices. Of course, there’s also the previously mentioned issue of non-backward compatibility in diesel motor oils to consider.

The trucking industry has time on its side. With six years in which to work, many operators hope engine makers will find a workable, affordable and easily implemented solution. Of course, there’s also the possibility the 2007 regulations will be amended before going into effect.

Amsoil 5W-40 Low Ash Diesel OilWith a whole new emphasis on emissions reduction in the diesel trucking industry, premium quality diesel oils will be needed to keep emissions down, control soot and acid levels in the crankcase and maintain longer drain intervals. AMSOIL Diesel Oils offer the ultimate diesel engine protection and performance. AMSOIL Diesel Oils resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, reducing emissions while maintaining viscosity and eliminating sludge and varnish formation. The special performance additives of AMSOIL Diesel Oils effectively control acid and soot, and their extended drain capabilities reduce downtime and oil expenses.

Amsoil Products help with Home Business Opportunity

Amsoil President A.J. Amatuzio
Amsoil President A.J. Amatuzio

You have never heard me claim to be the smartest guy in the world, but I have picked up a few things along the way. Above all, I have learned the value of quality. As a jet fighter pilot and squadron commander I pushed myself constantly to be the absolute best pilot I could be, and I demanded the same from my squadron.

I recognized, of course, that not all my pilots were equally skilled, but each was expected to work hard, and I pushed each and every one of them to their maximum potential. It didn’t take long before we were recognized as one of the most efficient and effective units in the country. We had the awards to prove it. AMSOIL, too, is built on quality, and it all starts with products. We have earned a reputation throughout the industry as a leader in innovation and cuttingedge technology. Just ask our vendors. Our base stock and additive suppliers come to us with only the best. They know what we expect from our products, and they know that AMSOIL won’t just settle for what other companies settle for.

With great products comes opportunity, and opportunity is the bottom line. That’s what AMSOIL Dealerships are built on. Each AMSOIL product is an opportunity to penetrate a market, capture sales and earn more money.

Our original 10W-40 Motor Oil provided opportunity for Dealers to capture sales in markets driven by performance enthusiasts and those who recognized the value of extended drain intervals. That one product alone propelled many Dealers toward financial security and the freedom of self-employment.

Today, of course, our product offerings are extensive and our opportunities are virtually limitless. Every conceivable lubricant market is an opportunity for sales, and as our brand recognition increases, which it is, our sales will follow. The motorcycle market is a perfect example. Our regional sales managers and a team of AMSOIL employees returned recently from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. As the Official Oil of Sturgis, AMSOIL exposure lines the streets. The reports from our guys confirm that the town was more saturated than ever with AMSOIL red, white and blue. There was literally nowhere a person could go without seeing an AMSOIL logo, and the sales of our motorcycle oils reflect the firm grip our Dealers have now secured on that market.

The same holds true for the snowmobile market. Supported by our status as the title sponsor and Exclusive Official Oil of the ISOC-sanctioned AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, AMSOIL Dealers have pounced on the opportunity and are dominating the market. We are now clearly the number one oil among independent snowmobile oil manufacturers.

I could go on and on. Our products also create opportunities in the marine market, the off-road market, the diesel truck market, the ATV market, the high performance market and the extended drain market, as well as many others. The products we have introduced in just the last several months will open doors for Dealers. Our Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease; our Engine and Transmission Flush; our Quickshot SE and our Dominator Coolant Boost represent opportunities for increased Dealer sales.

And there is much more opportunity ahead. Those who attend our regional meetings will be the first to see a bold new repackaging and repositioning of one of our major product lines. They will also see, for the very first time, a product that may ultimately have as much impact on a Dealer’s business as virtually any product we have ever introduced. That is no exaggeration. I can say no more than that.

Speaking of our regional meetings, I have been watching the registrations and am disappointed the numbers aren’t higher. I recognize many of the names but notice, also, that many of those who I assumed would be on the list are not yet included. I strongly advise that every Dealer who is serious about building his or her business get registered now. You will not regret it, and that I guarantee.

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

Amsoil Home Dealership Application

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Preferred Customer Memberships are suggested for individuals who aren't always interested in the business opportunity, but need the cheapest possible prices on the most effective lubrication and filtration products for their vehicles and equipment. Preferred Customers pay the same low costs for Amsoil products that Amsoil Dealers pay.

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Amsoil Introduces New 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Noack Volatility and Four Ball Wear TestsBeginning with 2001 models, most Ford and Honda vehicles now come factory-filled with a 5W-20 grade of motor oil. In addition, owner’s manuals specify the continued use of this new viscosity grade. Ford owner’s manuals state in bold letters, “SAE 5W-20 oil provides optimum fuel economy and durability performance meeting all requirements for your vehicle’s engine.”

WHY 5W-20?
According to Mike Riley, product design engineer with Ford Motor Company, “Moving to 5W-20 was driven by using best technology oils, CAFE requirements and customer needs.” The company believes the switch to lighter viscosity 5W-20 oils will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 190,000 metric tons a year and reduce U.S. fuel consumption by over 21 million gallons a year.

In order to ensure lighter viscosity 5W-20 oils don’t sacrifice engine durability, Ford ran extensive field tests comparing 5W-20 and 5W-30 oils and used the data to create their own oil specification known as WSSM2C153- H, which includes all ILSAC (GF-3) requirements, as well as a longer ASTM Sequence III Test.

Because of high consumer demand AMSOIL is introducing its 5W-20 motor oil now. API certification will follow when the testing process is complete.

Blended to surpass both GF-3 and Ford specifications, AMSOIL 5W-20 offers superior engine protection and unsurpassed fuel economy in engines calling for a 5W-20 oil. Although blended to meet the requirements of 2001 Ford and Honda vehicles, AMSOIL 5W-20 may also be used to improve fuel efficiency in certain older Ford and Honda models. Manufacturers are reviewing which older vehicles they will recommend 5W-20 motor oils be used in.

AMSOIL XL-7500 5W-20 motor oil provides the ultimate in wear protection, friction and heat reduction and superior performance in temperature extremes. Its synthetic formulation ensures low volatility, reducing oil consumption and improving fuel economy throughout its entire service life of 7500 miles or six months (whichever comes first). Customers using the new lower viscosity 5W-20 motor oils will want the extra protection afforded by AMSOIL XL7500 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

The charts above compare AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-20 motor oil to competing petroleum-based 5W-20 motor oils.

Rinker Back On Top in Memphis

Terry Rinker proudly poses with his first place trophy.
Amsoil Racer Terry Rinkner

Although he earned a Formula One podium finish in Bay City, Mich., similar success in the Formula Two class has eluded Team AMSOIL powerboat racer Terry Rinker this season, finishing fourth in the three events leading up to the Memphis Riverfront Regatta in Memphis, Tenn. Seeking a competitive edge, Rinker learned of a Formula Two boat crafted by the manufacturer of the boat he piloted to the 2003 Formula One Championship. Retrieving the craft in north Georgia and finding it in like-new condition, Rinker and Crew Chief James Chambers immediately went to work preparing it for competition.

After rolling out the new boat in Memphis, Rinker displayed its speed in the time trials and heat races, earning the third starting position in the 30-lap final. Rocketing off the start dock in the top three, Rinker moved into second just after the race’s midpoint and set his sights on leader Donnie McDowell. With time running out, Rinker passed McDowell with only five laps remaining and successfully held off his challengers to take the checkered flag.

With two events remaining in the APR Superleague Series, Rinker holds second in the points race.

Rinker cruised to the victory at the Memphis Riverfront Regatta.
Terry Rinkner's Speedboat

About Motor Oil Specifications

Amsoil President A.J. AmatuzioThis past year, like most years, was unpredictable in many respects, yet predictable in others. The economy, of course, continued to affect virtually all categories of business, and AMSOIL was no exception. I am happy to report, however, that the company continued to grow in 2009 and we remain strong, stable and on the move. You can expect more of the same in 2010.

In terms of products, we will maintain full throttle on our research and development. At any one time at AMSOIL we have up to a dozen products under review that may or may not ultimately be developed. Careful analysis is done on each to determine its marketability. Performance levels, pricing, potential markets and many other variables are scrutinized to determine a product’s feasibility. The ultimate goal, as always, is to develop products that bring benefits to consumers and profits to our Dealers. This we will do.

As the lubricant industry becomes increasingly more complicated with the addition of more regulations, service classifications and equipment refinements, AMSOIL will remain at the cutting edge. Our willingness and ability to adopt new technologies and push performance parameters to the limit set us apart from other companies. For example, an emission policy recently passed down by the Environmental Protection Agency that demands a reduction in carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emitted by small, off-road gasoline engines will require changes in motor oil formulations.

Other companies will set their sights on the minimum standards, solely to satisfy the EPA mandate.

AMSOIL, on the other hand, will develop products that excel in those applications, including outboard motors, lawn mowers, personal watercraft and all other non-road small engine equipment. Similarly, and on an even larger scale, the ILSAC GF-5 passenger car motor oil specification, which is scheduled for implementation in 2011 and is designed to help original equipment manufacturers meet EPA regulatory requirements, will require the development of more sophisticated motor oils. This works to the benefit of AMSOIL. While other companies may struggle within the confines of their cost/ profit restraints, AMSOIL will develop formulations that exceed GF-5 specifications and maintain AMSOIL standards. We will continue to work closely with our suppliers and select only those technologies that yield the absolute best results in terms of quality and performance.

It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. Whether it’s a regulation imposed by a government agency, a performance issue encountered through equipment design or an obstacle kicked up by an unstable economy, AMSOIL will remain on track. And Dealers can be assured that AMSOIL will continue to provide those components that are absolutely essential to creating and maintaining a highly profitable business opportunity.

First and foremost is the high quality of our products. Beyond that is the stability of this company.

Any potential AMSOIL Dealer can look at our longstanding stability and determine immediately that the business opportunity we provide offers real, absolute potential. Second, we make no outrageous promises, but can guarantee that hard work and dedication can translate directly to Dealer success.

Finally, is training. Whether through our website, printed materials, AMSOIL University, personal contact with corporate staff members or any other resource we provide, any Dealer has access to the education necessary to succeed in his or her AMSOIL business.

As we look ahead now to 2010, I can confidently say to all Dealers that the only real limitations they have are those they create for themselves. This company will continue to grow, and we can all look forward to another challenging, yet successful year.

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Amsoil’s New Product Development

The new product development process includes a number
of industry standard laboratory tests to ensure the
product delivers exceptional performance in the field.
Amsoil Laboratory Technician

From the single 10W-40 grade of synthetic motor oil that AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio engineered, the AMSOIL product line has grown into one of the most accomplished in the industry. That tremendous growth started with the introduction of AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil in 1973. Since then the company has invested millions of dollars and years of research into new product development, today offering dozens of high-quality products for on-road, heavy-duty off-road, industrial and other applications. This year alone AMSOIL has launched Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease; Engine and Transmission Flush; Quickshot SE; Dominator Coolant Boost and more.

Innovation has been a company hallmark since its inception, with AMSOIL the first lubricant manufacturer to develop synthetic oil for diesel engines, turbo engines and other applications. How does the company determine which innovative ideas to develop? How are new products tested to ensure they function properly before reaching the market? To answer those questions, the Action News consulted AMSOIL Technical Director Dan Peterson and obtained a behind-the-scenes look at new product development.

AMSOIL products undergo months of research, testing and
validation before they are packaged and shipped.
Amsoil Assembly Line

Initial Ideas
AMSOIL uses a formal “stage gate” system for new product development that includes four stages. The process begins by generating ideas for new products and scrutinizing each for its potential to perform up to AMSOIL standards, fill a need in the market and provide Dealers with a competitive edge.

“New product ideas come from a number of different areas, including industry research, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) research, industry trends and Dealer input,” Peterson said. Most often, a void in the market provides the best ideas. AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush, for example, was launched in April 2010 to provide a multifunctional, detergent-based flush product that can be used in both engines and transmissions and be easily disposed of with waste oil or transmission fluid. At the time, the majority of flush products were either solvent-based or intended solely for one application.

Similarly, AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease was introduced in October 2009 to fulfill an industry need: the extreme shock-loading and heavily-loaded components found in the heavy-duty offroad market can pound out inferior greases from each grease point, leading to accelerated wear and rust and corrosion formation, while prolonged exposure to water can cause the grease to washout, also promoting wear. In fact, maintenance personnel must routinely re-apply grease on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day. The launch of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease extended greasing intervals up to 50 percent and provided AMSOIL Dealers with an advantage in the market. “The products that make the best sense for our customers and Dealers are given priority for the financial resources available to do the detailed development work,” Peterson said. The stage gate system includes a number of checks and balances to make sure only the most promising ideas go forward. Products that meet a stage’s criteria then pass through the “gate” into the next stage. “This process is rigid enough to guarantee that we cover all the bases required to make a product successful, but flexible enough to modify and accelerate really good ideas,” Peterson said.

Lab Testing and Field Validation One of the most important steps in the development process is arriving at the new product’s formulation. AMSOIL is synonymous with quality, and each new product must keep with that philosophy.

“We formulate to produce products that provide the best possible performance and protection in their intended markets,” Peterson said. “We research and find the best materials to do the outlined job and then go to work in the laboratory to optimize the formulation with rigorous testing to make sure it meets and exceeds expectations for the intended application.”

In conjunction with laboratory testing, outside companies are sometimes solicited to take part in field validation studies, marking the final stage of the development process. At this point, AMSOIL installs the finished formulations into applications specifically chosen for the broad range of real-world operating conditions they encounter, including severe service, to ensure they perform up to AMSOIL standards.

Duluth, Minn.-based Carlson Lawn and Landscaping, for example, installed Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease in its skid steer, front-end loader and industrial lawn mowers. It lasted twice as long as its previous grease, staying in place despite severe pound-out and washout conditions. Further confirmation came from the City of Aurora, Minn. Installed in the city’s street sweepers, Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease also lasted twice as long as the previous grease. Street sweepers subject bearings to intense, repetitive spinning, and the City of Aurora often replaced bearings after only a month of use. With the AMSOIL product, they replaced no bearings during the field validation study.

“Only after this stage is complete does the product receive the AMSOIL performance approval for sale to AMSOIL Dealers and customers,” Peterson said. Finally, the product must gain final approval from the AMSOIL Executive Group, headed by AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio and Executive Vice Presidents Dean Alexander and Alan Amatuzio. The Executive Group as a whole represents decades of experience in product formulation, manufacture and marketing.

Information gathered throughout testing is used to create literature and promotional items that aid Dealers in selling the new products, such as data bulletins, case studies, webinars and Action News articles that depict test results versus competitive products and proof of performance. In this way, Dealers are poised to hit the ground running when the new product reaches their hands.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease underwent numerous strenuous field validation studies prior to reaching Dealers and customers. Only after AMSOIL is completely satisfied with the new product’s performance is it approved for sale.
Amsoil Polymeric Off Road Grease

Product Launch
Before any new product is shipped, a final check is performed to make sure that all validation testing supports the product marketing statements. Finally, after months of research, testing and validation, new products are packaged and shipped to AMSOIL distribution centers throughout North America. Dealers and customers are then ready to experience firsthand the benefits each new product brings to its intended application.

“One value that is completely instilled in the AMSOIL culture is that hard work up front, attention to detail and going the extra mile will pay off in the end,” said Peterson. In that way, the energy and dedication Al Amatuzio invested in the company’s first can of synthetic motor oil remains the standard that has guided the development of every new product since. “From researching customer needs and finding the right combination of product attributes, to researching the highest quality combination of materials in the formulation stage, Dealers and customers can sleep well knowing we are making sure there is no better overall brand on the market,” Peterson said.