2010 Year in Review

2010 has been another good year at AMSOIL. From a dozen new product announcements to several new high-profile sponsorships, AMSOIL rounded out the decade with continued growth and much to be excited about going forward. Here are a few of the highlights of the year just completed.

Back in January AMSOIL again participated in the MPMC (Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council) Media Trade Conference in Covina, CA. This conference brings companies face to face with the members of the media who cover the industry, establishing a sound connection between the two. AMSOIL also announced its status as Official Oil of Laconia Bike Week, the oldest motorcycle rally in the country. This sponsorship puts AMSOIL front and center at the three largest motorcycle rallies in the country as the Official Oil of each.

AMSOIL-sponsored show cars landed some high-profile coverage in February, both in print and in placement. Big trade shows such as the World of Wheels, the International Powersports Dealer Expo, and the Chicago Auto Show all had AMSOIL-lubed rides on display. February also featured the King of the Hammers, a grueling desert race over 120 miles long. Industry heavyweights Lovell Rock Racing and the Watson brothers of Off-Road Design represented AMSOIL in this punishing race, both teams earning respectable finishes.

Amsoil Diesel Car

In March, AMSOIL witnessed the rumble of thousands of bikes descending on Daytona for the 69th annual Daytona Bike Week. The AMSOIL presence was impossible to miss, and further solidified our stance in the motorcycle industry. Shortly after, the NSRA Street Rod Nationals kicked off its start of the 2010 season in Oklahoma City. April brought new product launches, including the AMSOIL Quickshot SE that later won Best New Powersports Product award at SEMA in November.

The 2010 Diesel Power Challenge, an event that puts diesels through a series of challenges to test their power and performance, was a highlight of May. The 2010 AMSOIL Street Rodder Road Tour also hit the road that month, with Jerry Dixey leading the way across the country in a series of tours for street rod enthusiasts.

The Top Truck Challenge in early June is always one of the most anticipated events of the year for off road enthusiasts. With events like the Frame Twister, Mud Pit and Tank Trap it’s easy to see why. This challenge takes no prisoners, and AMSOIL is on hand to provide lubricants capable of taking such abuse. In addition to features in Four Wheeler magazine the Top Truck Challenge airs on The Outdoor Channel, garnering national attention. Laconia Bike Week also started in June, where hundreds of thousands of bikers flocked to New Hampshire for a week of excitement and rides along the scenic East Coast.

As usual August was a big month for AMSOIL with three large events taking place. First was the NSRA Street Rod Nationals gathering in Louisville, which brought in over 11,000 street rods on display. Next was the Mopar Nationals, drawing collector cars, muscle cars and enthusiasts for its 30th year. This event tied into the Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge that AMSOIL sponsors, with engine builders having their entries on display throughout the week at this show. Finally, Sturgis turned 70 and as temps climbed into the 100’s AMSOIL was on hand to help keep engines cool. As the Official Oil, the demand for AMSOIL was high and the temps were an excellent testimonial to the benefits our oil provides.

Hot Rod Drag Week is conducted each year in early September and history was made when Larry Larson and his Chevy II made the first 6-second pass in Drag Week history. In October AMSOIL was on hand at the University of Northwestern Ohio for the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge with many new friendships begun. Afterwards it was time to focus on preparing for SEMA in November, where AMSOIL introduced 7 new products into the New Product Showcase. The AMSOIL presence was abundant on the feature vehicles placed throughout the show.

These are but a few of the exciting things happening at AMSOIL, and we've only scratched the surface. AMSOIL Racing continues to stretch its shadow across new horizons and the best is yet to come. Look for more details, updates and more right here in the AMSOIL Events Blog, and keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter (@AMSOILINC) and YouTube. As we move out of 2010, we look forward to even greater success in 2011 with many exciting opportunities ahead.

Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil with Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants

It is a time of increased awareness. We’ve seen fuel prices in a constant state of fluctuation over the past few years, and it has caused us to seek ways to get more for our gasoline dollar. At times, prices have climbed high enough to cause many people to alter their driving habits, including the cancellations of vacations and long road trips. All of this has served to make Americans more aware of our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Now is also a time of renewed patriotism and desire to “buy American.” How can using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants increase fuel economy and help decrease dependence on foreign oil?

Refined petroleum-based lubricants are composed of irregular molecules of various sizes. As the molecules slip across each other, they create friction which adversely affects both wear protection and fuel economy. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, on the other hand, contain only smooth, uniform molecules which easily slip across each other, effectively keeping friction to a minimum. This allows fuel to be diverted from the task of overcoming friction to reaching the drivetrain, decreasing overall fuel consumption.

Conventional lubricants are also very susceptible to volatility. When their lighter molecules “boil off” during hot operating conditions, the oil becomes thick and more difficult to pump, consuming more energy and reducing fuel economy. Because AMSOIL synthetic lubricants contain uniformly sized molecules, they lose very little to volatility and keep fuel economy high. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, gear lubes and drivetrain fluids consistently yield increases in fuel economy.

Industry tests demonstrate that an average passenger car can conservatively decrease its fuel consumption by two to five percent by switching to synthetic lubricants, while independent testing shows that trucks can decrease fuel consumption by 8.2 percent. Many AMSOIL customers report even larger gains in fuel economy.

Based on 1998 Domestic Fuel Consumption data, American cars consume 72 billion gallons of gasoline per year. If all these vehicles switched to using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and gained a five percent increase in fuel economy, America would save a staggering 3.66 billion gallons of fuel. That’s enough fuel to drive to the moon and back more than 163,000 times. It’s enough to drive to the sun and back 420 times.

By taking advantage of the extended drain intervals of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, oil usage is also significantly reduced. People can reduce the amount of oil they use by as much as 80 percent by switching to AMSOIL.

Company Growth

Amsoil President Al A.J. AmatuzioAnother year begins. From all indications, it should be another good year for AMSOIL and AMSOIL Dealers. Last year, sales were up, new commercial and retail accounts grew significantly, our preferred customer program was very successful, and sponsoring in general was outstanding.

In addition to this, internet sales exceeded everyone’s expectations and the number of inquiries and responses we had from our advertising numbered over 25,000 for the year. We respond to each and every inquiry with sales literature and assign the leads to T-1 Certified Dealers for follow-up.

Our co-op programs with T-1 Certified Dealers have been growing, as well. The co-op race program grew over 50% last year, and the co-op trade show program was up over 20% for the year. These are programs where AMSOIL shares part of the expense with Dealers in the promotion of our products. The fact that the co-op programs are growing every year not only reflects our growing Dealer base but demonstrates the commitment our Dealers have in promoting their businesses.

We’ve been very fortunate. Our growth is not typical of what’s been happening around us. Considering the sluggish economy during the entire year and the terrible events of 9-11-01, many companies experienced a very disappointing year in ’01, with prospects for the first quarter of ’02 not much better. Unemployment has been rising and is expected to top 6% soon. Many companies have had major layoffs and more are expected.

Did you know that AMSOIL has never had a layoff in the history of the company? We’ve been in business for nearly thirty years through good times and bad, and we have never, in all those years, had to resort to layoffs. That doesn’t mean there were no lean times, because there were. We all weathered the storms and came out stronger than ever.

In the early years our growth was almost unmanageable. We had a revolutionary new product line unlike anything people had seen before and everybody wanted in on the ground floor. In recent years, our growth has been more steady and solid and we are on track for continued success. The market for our products is huge, and an AMSOIL business is still a ground floor opportunity today!

What’s in store for us in ’02? I predict more of the same. Steady growth. Growing name recognition for AMSOIL products. A continued trend towards longer drain intervals among all the vehicle manufacturers. Improved Dealer income opportunities. More new products. In short, a very exciting and rewarding year ahead for all of us!

In addition, we have some exciting events that will soon be taking place here at the AMSOIL home office that are going to have a positive affect not only on us as a corporation, but on all our Dealers and customers, as well.

On pages 8-9 in this issue of Action News is a story about a major investment we have made in both your and our behalf. It is a new computer system and software program so advanced, it will change the way we do just about everything. Its implementation lays the groundwork for properly managing the next twenty years of growth, providing information and services to us and our Dealers beyond anything we’ve experienced before.

But, like anything new, it’s going to take some trial and error to learn how to use it and iron out all the bugs. For over a year, we have had a team of consultants working with each department here at AMSOIL instructing and working with our people in order to make the transition to this new business management system as smooth as possible. Effective February 1, 2002, our pre-flight training will be over and we’re going to actually start flying on our own.

We ask for your patience during this period. Short term, it may be a little disruptive, but long term, every Dealer and customer will benefit from its implementation. We’re totally confident of that!

So 2002 will be another exciting year for us, that’s a certainty. Despite what’s going on around us, I expect our business and yours to continue growing. Today more than ever, there is a need and demand for our products. Tomorrow, the need will be even greater. I wish every other business well in 2002, but regardless of how the times affect them, I believe we will come out of the new year stronger than ever!

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

Amsoil and the American Dream

Amsoil President A.J. Amatuzio
Amsoil Executives

These are difficult times for all Americans and our many friends around the world. We at AMSOIL share the sorrow and anger felt by all over the vicious terrorist attacks that took place on September 11 and the suspicious anthrax-filled letters sent to our lawmakers and others. Nothing has been quite the same for any of us since then.

Our leaders in Washington have been faced with tough decisions and, to date, have put their differences aside to speak with one voice. I believe the spirit of patriotism brings all Americans closer together during times like these. I sincerely hope it lasts! I was also faced with a difficult decision shortly after the attack. Our Direct Jobber Convention was scheduled for October 11 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Considering the tragic events that were unfolding, I simply couldn’t put our staff and Direct Jobbers at risk by asking them to fly there and all meet under one roof in that location. Therefore, I decided to postpone our Convention until next spring.

These terrorist attacks couldn’t have come at a worse time for our country. Our economy was struggling, unemployment was climbing, and we were just beginning to see a recovery when everything simply shut down. But through it all, our business and yours continued to grow. The reason? When you manufacture the best products in the world, people will buy them. When your products outperform all other products on the market, people will buy them. When your products save users money, people will buy them. And when your products reduce our dependency on foreign oil, people will buy them!

Our products do all those things. Bottom line, our success is based on the high quality of our products. That’s what keeps customers coming back to us. Even during bad economic times, people still drive their vehicles, businesses still move products over the road, salespeople still call on customers, and they are all interested in saving money every way they can. You and I help them do that!

Our product quality is the main reason for our continuing success, but there is another factor I’m sure you have encountered in your business as you offer this business opportunity to your friends and customers. During troubled financial times, people are looking for ways to earn extra money, and an AMSOIL Business has been the answer for many of them. Our growing sponsorship numbers continue to bear this out.

During these troubled times, there is one overriding reason to use our products. Today, we really don’t know who our friends are or as things progress, how long they will be our friends. Now is the time for all of us to do what we can to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and using AMSOIL products is one easy way we all can do that.

We are regular advertisers in the National Oil and Lube News magazine. In this month’s issue, we placed an ad that tells readers that based on a 5% increase in fuel economy, if everyone in America used AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, Gear Lube and drive train fluids, we could save up to three and one-half billion gallons of gasoline in just one year. That’s right. I said billion!

This is from hard numbers taken from government statistics of domestic motor fuel consumption, and is not something we pulled out of our hat.

Now it is an accepted fact in the industry that by switching to synthetic lubricants, motorists will see an increase of 3 – 5% in fuel economy. Our experience has been that motorists experience ever greater fuel economy increases, but we used industry-accepted numbers to demonstrate our point.

That’s only half the story. The other half is the extended service life AMSOIL lubricants provide and the dramatic reduction in lubes and fluids that result. Right now, America needs to use less oil, and AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants can be a part of the answer to reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

To paint this in the minds of all of us and all Americans, I’m coining the term “America’s Oil” as our slogan for the coming year. AMSOIL is truly “America’s Oil”. This company and all our products originated in America. There was no other oil like AMSOIL in the world. It all began right here.

As a former Lt. Col. and jet fighter squadron commander, I chose the red, white and blue as my company colors. America’s colors. AMSOIL was founded on the principles of the American free enterprise system and it has flourished as such. Our products are made in America by an American company.

There has never been a better time for “America’s Oil”! AMSOIL.

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

Amsoil Dealer Leland Sundstrom

Amsoil President A.J. AmatuzioI received a touching letter last month from Direct Jobber Shirley Sundstrom regarding what she describes as “my deceased husband’s GOOD choice.” I have received Shirley’s permission to share it with you here: “In 1976 Leland was first introduced to AMSOIL products by his enthusiastic cousin Raymond Sundstrom, a farmer in Kansas. Being a diehard mechanic and auto parts salesman for years, Leland was skeptical and reluctant to try this new oil in his car. But Raymond kept plugging this AMSOIL idea. While enroute to Kansas for Christmas that year, our car engine developed a noise and, arriving at Raymond’s house, Raymond persuaded Leland to try this new oil product. Primarily to get his cousin off his back, Leland reluctantly allowed him to put it in the car.

“We risked starting home to Ohio with this new oil in our car, not knowing exactly what to expect on the trip. We had not gone more than 25 miles when Leland remarked that the noise had stopped and the car was driving smoother. He discovered the gas mileage improved. Being very pleased with this new product’s performance, he began telling friends at home what his experience had been. They listened to this convincing salesman and wanted to know where they could get some. He came home very excited and said, ‘Nobody in this area sells this stuff. I might as well become a Dealer because three friends are asking for it. If anyone is going to profit from this, it might as well be ME!’

“That decision changed our whole life. He was pleasantly surprised to find himself a Direct Jobber by ’79 and we made the trip to Superior to see this new company and to meet you. We were so impressed and pumped with what we saw and learned. That really began his love affair with AMSOIL. He had confidence in you and your products and was excited to be associated with such quality people and products.

“Over these years, I’ve watched him deliver oil before he went to work, during his lunch break, after work, in evenings — and he loved it! He was planning to retire in two years and go full-time with AMSOIL. He had purchased a motor home so we could travel after retirement and help other people better their lives with these quality products.

“Those dreams, however, came to an abrupt end in late January of this year when Leland died of a brain hemorrhage while holding my hand at our dining room table as I was talking to 911. In the weeks and months that followed, I have endeavored to take over the reins of the computer program AMSWIN and to get acquainted with the fabulous AMSOIL website and to just hand out catalogs. All of this had been HIS love, HIS dream and HIS goals. I had not been deeply involved in the business because my career had been teaching for 34 years and AMSOIL was mostly a ‘guy thing.’

“But, Al, as I have watched my monthly AMSOIL checks come in these six months since Leland’s passing and have observed the growth in volume, I stand in awe that even though Leland is not here, HE IS STILL TAKING CARE OF ME! Thank you, Al, for your foresight in establishing a wonderful company with such quality products that even a widow can benefit from her husband’s legacy after he is gone.

“Thanks again, Al, for giving my husband a dream and me an income! You are awesome in staying focused on quality all these years and allowing us to be a part of YOUR dream! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Shirley Sundstrom I called Shirley to thank her for her kind letter and to ask how she was doing. She was on her way out to deliver some oil and while we spoke, she received an order via fax from one of her commercial accounts.

When Leland passed away, Shirley was challenged to learn the business, and that’s exactly what she has done. Her son recently helped her rearrange her front room so she could hold T-1 classes this month for her downline. Shirley promotes her business in a number of ways. She loves the G-100 catalog and passes them out continuously. She plans to have a booth at a classic car swap meet and she advertises on placemats at a number of local restaurants. Her business is growing and she received the largest commission check ever this year from AMSOIL.

I have received many wonderful letters from Dealers over the years, but few have touched me like this one from Shirley Sundstrom. I had no idea when I started this business that it would prove so beneficial to so many wonderful people. Thank you for your kind words, Shirley.

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

Amsoil’s Heavy Duty Metal Protector AMH

Singing the Praises of Amsoil AMH

Mark W. Davis, an AMSOIL Dealer from Faribault, Minnesota, said that in recent years he has used AMSOIL products frequently for many applications. “My family and friends all believe very strongly in AMSOIL products,” Davis said. “We mainly use your Metal Protector, Power Foam and air filters.”

When AMSOIL introduced Heavy Duty Metal Protector Spray, Davis was originally skeptical as to whether it could really outperform the original Metal Protector in certain areas. “My father lightly coated his exhaust with MPHD as an experiment,” Davis said. “Three months later, during normal maintenance, we realized that the film of MPHD was still present!”

Amsoil Heavy Duty Metal Protector AMHSince that time, Davis and his family have become true believers in MPHD and continue to find new and creative uses for it in their lives. “We use it on all corrosion points in the standard automotive brake job,” Davis said.

“Now, we find that all of our stuck bolts (and especially those that usually break off on our Ford’s front end rotors) are all coming loose with ease. Everybody at AMSOIL involved with this innovative product deserves a major thank you. You are the people that make AMSOIL products superior!”

John Nicewonger of Boca Raton, Florida has some AMSOIL advice for all of his fellow Jeep owners. “I use many AMSOIL products,” Nicewonger said, “including the 10W-30 Motor Oil, SDF-42 oil filters, Heavy Duty Synthetic Greases, Universal ATF (in my transfer case) and Octane Booster (when off-road), but the product I want to highlight for Jeep owners is the Heavy Duty Metal Protector.”

Nicewonger owns a Jeep Wrangler TJ. He started to use MPHD because he found that Jeeps, and especially Wranglers, are known for rusting heavily underneath when used for off-road activities. This can lead to serious problems when it causes bolts to lock up.

“I bought my TJ new about 8 months ago,” Nicewonger said, “and right from the start I have sprayed everything underneath with Heavy Duty Metal Protector. Each time that I use a particularly nasty off-road trail and need to power-wash the bottom, I reapply the MPHD. I have not found a speck of rust anywhere on my vehicle. My bolts unscrew easily and have not locked up. I think all Jeep owners would be well-advised to use this product.”

MyAMSOILGarageTM Remodeled

Just over a year ago, MyAMSOILGarage launched on the corporate website as a supplement to the AMSOIL Auto & Light Truck Lookup system. It provides a virtual “garage” in which users store all their passenger car/light truck information, eliminating the need to re-enter it each time a product lookup is performed. The ability to track oil and filter changes and establish email oil change reminders was also included.

MyAMSOILGarage has proven extremely popular since its launch, and the next logical step was to expand its capabilities beyond the Auto & Light Truck Application Guide. Users will now notice the following additional features:

  • The ability to store information for virtually any vehicle, including motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, heavy-duty trucks and more.
  • The ability to store information for stationary equipment, including compressors, chop saws, generators and more.
  • Expanded record-keeping capabilities, allowing users to track all maintenance services, such as belt changes, brake work, tire changes and more.
  • Advanced email reminder capabilities. While MyAMSOILGarage still provides easy and fast product lookups for passenger car/light truck applications, it now has also become a complete vehicle and equipment maintenance software program.

User-Friendly Interface
The new interface includes a customizable folder tree down the left-hand side of the screen and a bigger workspace. The enhanced interface neatly stores and organizes information for an unlimited amount of vehicles and equipment.

All Vehicles and Equipment Accommodated
Vehicle and equipment information is now customizable. Users can create records for vehicles not contained in the drop-down menus, including vintage cars, farm implements, semi trucks and more. If the user owns it, MyAMSOILGarage can accommodate it. However, product recommendations may not currently be available for applications other than passenger cars/light trucks. AMSOIL is working to offer additional product recommendations and plans to release an application guide for powersports applications soon. Until then, consult the AMSOIL Powersports Application Guide (G2135) for recommendations.

Unlimited Maintenance Records
The previous system was designed to track only oil and filter changes. Now, a drop-down list of additional maintenance services is offered to track air filter, transmission, coolant, fuel filter, spark plug, tire and wiper service. Additionally, users can manually enter any other type of maintenance service not included in the drop-down menu, allowing storage of all maintenance services performed.

Email Reminders
Email reminders may be scheduled for any maintenance service performed on a vehicle or piece of equipment, including manually entered services. Each reminder can be individually scheduled to send on a specific date. A reoccurrence schedule can also be set for every three, six or 12 months, or “never again.” A new feature allows email reminders to be sent to a secondary email address only, allowing Dealers who manage customers’ vehicles to avoid flooding their own inboxes with email reminders.

Free to Use for Everyone
MyAMSOILGarage is free to use and available to anyone with an AMSOIL online account. Click the “MyAMSOILGarage link” in the gray sidebar on the left-hand side of www.amsoil.com to establish an account and to begin filling the virtual garage.

MyAMSOILGarage accommodates information and maintenance records for all vehicles and equipment, allowing users to manually enter applications not pre-programmed into the system.

Expanded email reminder capabilities allow users to easily schedule reminders for all services.

Synthetic Polymeric Grease Produces Impressive Results in Field Study

Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Grease

In a recent real-world field study, AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease (GPTR2) reduced grease consumption and demonstrated superior pound-out and washout resistance compared to a competing synthetic EP grease. The field study subjected both greases to identical operating and weather conditions in a 2003 front-loading Autocar Ignitor refuse hauler. During the 56-day study, the refuse hauler was placed into daily service unloading over 100 commercial dumpsters during a 12-hour shift. The vehicle routinely encountered adverse weather and extreme-pressure environments that can pound-out and washout inferior greases, causing corrosion and wear, which provided the ideal environment for testing greases.

Test Parameters
Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease was installed in one side of the vehicle using a manual pistol- grip style 6,000 psi grease gun, while the competing grease was installed in the identical components on the opposite side. After operating the vehicle to ensure complete removal of the old grease, the refuse hauler underwent a series of three re-greasings throughout the field study. The number of pumps required to properly lubricate the 19 grease points on each side of the vehicle was recorded. A visual inspection of each grease point was also conducted to record abnormal conditions, including excessive grease consumption and the presence of water.

Results – Grease Consumption
The chart displays the number of grease gun pumps required to properly lubricate each side of the refuse hauler. Results from all three re-greasings show reduced consumption using AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, with its extended service capabilities becoming more evident as the field study progressed. Overall, three 14-oz. cartridges of the AMSOIL product were required, while 4.5 14-oz. cartridges of the competing grease were required. Despite operating in identical conditions, the advanced chemistry of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease allowed it to remain intact better, requiring less grease to provide increased protection.

Results – Washout/Pound-Out
Throughout a 12-hour shift, the hoist, lift arms, king pins and other components responsible for raising heavily loaded dumpsters repeatedly encounter extreme pressures that can poundout inferior greases. Without grease in place acting as a seal, water and other contaminants can penetrate the area, causing corrosion and wear. In addition, metal-to-metal contact results, ultimately causing component failure. AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease resisted pound-out to stay in place longer than the competing grease, forming an effective seal to repel water and other contaminants. In multiple instances, visual inspections found water between surfaces greased with the competing product. The side of the vehicle lubricated with AMSOIL, however, resisted washout due to the product’s superior adhesion and cohesion properties and did not allow water to enter greased areas.

Proven Performance
Test results achieved in real-world, severe-service operation demonstrate the superiority of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease. It remains intact for maximum protection and clings tenaciously to metal surfaces, helping keep water and other corrosive contaminants from penetrating greasable components. It can extend service intervals or require less grease when re-greasing, saving fleets money.

Grease Comparison Charts

Amsoil Business Opportunity with OE Synthetic Motor Oils


Amsoil Vice President of Technical Development

We are all aware that consumers hold some deep-seated beliefs about when or how often to change their motor oil. As I am sure you have too, I’ve experienced many differing thoughts on that issue when talking to people. To simplify things, I’ve categorized them into three groups (even though there are many variants):

Customer Type 1: People who understand the detailed, technical explanation regarding how premium base stocks and top-notch additives can be the basis for exceptional performance in the areas of high-temperature/high-shear viscosity, wear protection, viscosity index, cold-temperature performance, NOACK volatility, etc., and accept the facts behind how an oil can last up to 25,000 miles/one year or longer. Type 1 customers typically gravitate toward the top-tier line of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.

Customer Type 2: People who change their oil every spring and fall to address the change of seasons. Their fathers did this, switching to a lower viscosity oil for fall and winter and a heavier viscosity oil for spring and summer. This type of oil change philosophy was a big part of the reason for the spikes in motor oil sales every October and April. Type 2 customers typically gravitate toward AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils.

Customer Type 3: People who adamantly change their oil every 3,000 miles because that’s what their fathers taught them, and that’s the belief the major oil companies, mechanics and quick lube advertising have continued to reinforce. In reality, the numbers show they change their oil at an average of 4,200+ miles, but they won’t tell you that. They are petroleum oil customers, standard-drain synthetic oil customers and now represent potential AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil customers.

AMSOIL and AMSOIL Dealers have succeeded by selling to customer types 1 and 2. Unfortunately, 92 percent of synthetic oil customers are using nonextended drain oils. We now have a product for that third customer type, and OE should be a boon for every AMSOIL Dealer. So, how can AMSOIL Dealers capitalize on this new product? Here are a few thoughts:

I have a lot of friends and relatives who I just could not convince to use our longer-drain and higher-initial-cost oils over the years, let alone to register as Preferred Customers or Dealers. I’ve worked on them and worked on them. I’ve explained how using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is less expensive on an annual basis, how it’s better for their engines and how their vehicles will start better in our cold winter climates. I’ve even told them how embarrassing it is that they won’t use AMSOIL motor oil when I work here!

Sure, most people I know will use our two-cycle oil or motorcycle oil, or they love the M.P. or P.i., but I never could convince them to put the motor oil in their vehicles (50 percent of our active Preferred Customers don’t currently buy passenger car motor oil from us either). Those silent hurdles have been everpresent: initial price, fear of longer drain intervals, warranty concerns, and not such a long time ago, concerns about whether synthetics were really better than the petroleum oil they had always used. We all know the answers to those issues, but convincing the vast majority of others to overcome those hurdles has always been the main challenge for AMSOIL Dealers. Now, with OE, you can go back and sell to all of those impossible-to-convince non-believers.

Think of all the people you have talked to over the years who you just couldn’t convince to “move up” to AMSOIL. They are now all prime candidates for using OE. You’ve already made the initial sales calls, and we know it almost always takes more than one sales call to earn a sale. Each of us needs to go back and talk to all those people we have talked to before, but weren’t able to convince. They can now become Preferred Customers and buy OE for only $3.99 a quart, which is only about $1+ per quart more than petroleum oils. Even if they don’t want to become Preferred Customers, they can purchase OE for $5.39 a quart retail, which is still less than the price of Mobil 1. Bottom line, they all know you have been using and selling AMSOIL products, and they are probably ready to show that they trust you, respect your diligence and want to support you now that you offer an oil at a price and a drain interval they like. After that, we’ll all work together (think AMSOIL literature, the website, your ongoing conversations with them, etc.) to move them up to our longer-drain, top-tier products once they have had a chance to experience the benefits of AMSOIL OE, and I would expect they will buy quite a few other AMSOIL products along the way too.

Think of all the individuals, installers and businesses that you have already made the AMSOIL “quality” pitch to that you can now re-visit with this new oil. Their silent, and sometimes not-so-silent, objections have now all been overcome: initial price, warranty concerns and extended drains. And they don’t have to absorb a mountain of technical data to convince themselves to take advantage of extended drains. Make sure to have a nearby installation center set up as an account where you can send people. Every Dealer should have at least one registered installer account to help overcome the hurdle presented by people who do not want to change their own oil. I think you will be surprised at how successful you will be in helping long-lost customers “move up” to AMSOIL.

P.S. An oil change or case of AMSOIL motor oil makes a great Christmas present!

P.P.S. If you own a retail account and would like to carry the New Line of Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oils please fill out the Amsoil Retail Application Form!!!

Amsoil Products win SEMA and World AG Expo Awards

AMSOIL QuickshotTM SE Awarded Best New Powersports Product by SEMA Judges

Amsoil Quckshot SE

Each fall, over 100,000 automotive specialty products industry leaders from more than 100 countries gather at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show to showcase and demonstrate products, attend seminars and special events and take advantage of networking opportunities. Held November 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the 2010 show boasted more attendees, booths, new product introductions and vehicles than ever. Representing AMSOIL was Director of Advertising Ed Newman.

The first day of the show opened with the New Products Awards Breakfast. Over 2,000 new products were submitted for consideration of this distinctive honor in 15 different categories, and judges were looking for superiority of innovation, technical achievement, quality, consumer appeal and marketability in their search for the winners. With Dave McClelland of Hot Rod TV and the Voice of SEMA leading the awards program, AMSOIL Quickshot SE was announced as the winner of the Best New Powersports Product Award.

Quickshot SE
AMSOIL Quickshot SE (AQS) is formulated to thoroughly clean varnish, gums and insoluble debris in two- and four-stroke gasoline-powered small engines and powersports equipment fuel systems, restoring peak performance. It effectively addresses performance issues related to ethanol, water and dirty pump gas, and stabilizes fuel between uses and during short-term storage periods.

Help AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Win the 2011 World Ag Expo Attendees’ Choice Award

AMSOIL Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

AMSOIL Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Oil has been selected as a 2011 World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product and is in the running for the 2011 World Ag Expo Attendees’ Choice Award. Visit www.worldagexpo.com/General-Info/Top-Ten/ Top-10-Products-2011.htm to vote for AMSOIL Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Oil to win the 2011 World Ag Expo Attendees’ Choice New Product Award.

As a World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product, Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil will be featured in the event’s New Product Center, as well as in a variety of publications, including the World Ag Expo Preview magazine, Official World Ag Expo Show Guide, the World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product Digest and the event’s website at www.worldagexpo.com.

The World Ag Expo at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif. represents the largest agriculture exposition in the world. Expected to draw approximately 100,000 attendees and feature 1,600 exhibitors displaying the latest agricultural products and technology, next year’s 44th annual event will be held February 8-10 and will offer a variety of seminars and demonstrations for dairy producers, farmers, ranchers and agri-business professionals.

Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Oil
AMSOIL Biodegradable Synthetic Hydraulic Oil (BHO) is designed to provide premium hydraulic fluid performance for demanding applications, while effectively addressing biodegradability and low toxicity requirements. Its blend of high oleic oils, synthetic esters and customized additives not only protects hydraulic components against wear, but also protects the environment in the case of leakage or spills.