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Dealers who attended one of the 2010 Fall Sales Meetings may remember one of the presentations focusing on a book called The Compound Effect. In this book, author Darren Hardy outlines what it takes to be successful and action steps people can take to achieve success. Because the book is very straightforward, it is one of the main reasons the AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department suggested it as a “must read” book for all AMSOIL Dealers.

The AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department recently received an email from a Dealer who attended the Lancaster, Pa. Fall Sales Meeting. He is an avid reader who sends book reviews to his Personal Group members and friends. He found the presentation in Lancaster interesting enough to put the book on his “to read” list, but did not take immediate action. After reading the book, he shared the following:

“I did not execute immediately following my attendance at the meeting in Lancaster last fall when I delayed reading The Compound Effect. But I feel so strong now after reading The Compound Effect and the message can help everyone, I plan to purchase five copies and give them to some of you on my distribution list. I do this not to make the author richer; but to make my life richer and help some of you to achieve increased success with minimum effort on your part except to read The Compound Effect and then hopefully execute.”

It is a powerful message when it moves a Dealer to purchase five copies and distribute them to people he feels will be positively affected. This Dealer also stated that “my only regret is not reading this book immediately and sharing with you the book’s message.”

If you haven’t read The Compound Effect, we highly recommend it. Don’t fail to execute. Keep learning, keep growing and watch your sales skyrocket.

Good Selling!

The AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department


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