AMSOIL hires new Technical Services Director and IT Manager

Ed Kellerman There’s a new man at the helm in the Technical Services Department at AMSOIL, but it’s business as usual at the Superior, WI, plant. In July 2001, Ed Kellerman, 43, took over the director’s position following in the capable footsteps of Byron Selbrede, who led the department for more than 15 years. Kellerman … Continue reading “AMSOIL hires new Technical Services Director and IT Manager”

SEMA 2010 Awards Amsoil

Two years ago a cloud of uncertainty hung over the SEMA Show as the nation wrestled with the collapse of the housing market and the international banking crisis was emerging. Last year attendance was down slightly, but there were signs of hope for a rebound. In 2010 enthusiasm for the future has returned with full … Continue reading “SEMA 2010 Awards Amsoil”

SEMA Shines with Amsoil

It seems clear that the industry is thriving as you see the action unfold at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. From mobile electronics to off road gear, to street rod passion to the ultimate accessorizations, you can find all of it displayed in a spectacular array of light, color and sound here at … Continue reading “SEMA Shines with Amsoil”

Amsoil Lubed Challenge of America Chevy Silverado

One of the highlights of the SEMA Show, featured prominently in the GM booth, was Nic Ashby’s Challenge America Chevrolet Silverado. In a post script to the show, the Victorious Project blog stated, “We’re all on Cloud 9 because SEMA was a huge success for Challenge America in promoting the needs of our veterans.” During … Continue reading “Amsoil Lubed Challenge of America Chevy Silverado”

Amsoil Team Hybrid

Every serious import owner is on a never-ending mission to pull out all the stops in creating the best ride that eclipses any other on the scene. Team Hybrid is no exception, and in fact sets the standard for today’s performance automotive enthusiast. They have been steadily generating buzz by landing some high-profile magazine covers, … Continue reading “Amsoil Team Hybrid”

Amsoil Installer Program Promises Increased Opportunities

Of all the exciting new business opportunities AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil provides, few offer more potential for Dealer growth than the new Installer Program. Featuring both OE and XL Synthetic Motor Oil, the Installer Program makes it easier to approach the more than 100,000 quick lubes, independent garages, tire centers and other facilities offering … Continue reading “Amsoil Installer Program Promises Increased Opportunities”

From Track to Trail

New partnerships bring new market exposure. Motorsports has been one of the key cogs to the AMSOIL marketing strategy over the past several years. From snowmobiles to off-road trucks, AMSOIL has strengthened its presence in several new disciplines over the past decade. Now, the AMSOIL logo will branch out from fenders and hairpin turns to … Continue reading “From Track to Trail”

The Birth of the AMSOIL Logo and the Strong Brand it Represents

The AMSOIL logo has become increasingly recognizable over the years. Today it’s displayed on vehicles, at racetracks and in advertisements throughout North America. As many Dealers know, the AMSOIL logo can trigger a positive response from people, and simply wearing AMSOIL clothing in public can lead to sales. The process of developing the company’s strong … Continue reading “The Birth of the AMSOIL Logo and the Strong Brand it Represents”