Lube Specialist Praises AMSOIL Motorcyle Oil

Hello, Click Image to Enlarge You’ll notice by my signature below that I am an employee of Chevron Global Lubricants. I am a training specialist and field engineer for our North American lubricants division. I originally worked for Amoco at the R&D facility before moving into marketing, and while in that role, Chevron bought our … Continue reading “Lube Specialist Praises AMSOIL Motorcyle Oil”

Q&A September 2011

POWERSPORTS APPLICATION GUIDE I am having a lot of trouble identifying motorcycle models and engines because the owners don’t know which models they have. For example a Harley rider might tell me he has a Fatboy but doesn’t know the rest of the letters FL ST etc. in the model description or engine size. In … Continue reading “Q&A September 2011”

Letters to the Editor August 2011

FACTORY-FILL SYNTHETIC OILS In the June AMSOIL Magazine there was an article with vehicles factory-filled with synthetic oils. Was it by design to omit the Corvette from that list? I am sure there are more cars and maybe trucks now factory-filled with synthetics like European cars and even motorcycles. Could you compile a complete list … Continue reading “Letters to the Editor August 2011”

Amsoil Letters to the Editor July 2011

E-mail letters to: Or, mail them to: AMSOIL INC. Communications Department Attn: Letters 925 Tower Avenue Superior, WI 54480 Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity; please include your name, address and phone number. E85 I believe AMSOIL should inform Dealers about drain intervals for customers who use E85 fuel. Since 2003 … Continue reading “Amsoil Letters to the Editor July 2011”

Q&A April 2011

ELECTRONIC DEALER APPLICATIONS It has been a long-standing AMSOIL policy to have new Dealer applications mailed to AMSOIL for processing. I am sure this is done because AMSOIL wants some type of signature on file. It would be very helpful if AMSOIL could figure out a way to accommodate what it requires while bringing this … Continue reading “Q&A April 2011”

FAQ January 2011

EAO57 I just finished reading “Letters To The Editor,” specifically the questions regarding the EAO09, 10 and 13 (November issue). What about the EAO57? Gary Hooker Amsoil: The EAO57 filter was replaced with the EAO51, which has most recently changed to the EA15K51. See page 11 for details on the new 15,000-mile Ea Oil Filter … Continue reading “FAQ January 2011”

Amsoil Magazine November 2010

INAUGURAL ISSUE Congratulations! The new inaugural issue of AMSOIL Magazine looks excellent! I am very much looking forward to the information and education the monthly Tech Talk column will provide. Keep up the great work, Dave Gaylord AMSOIL OIL CHANGE CENTERSI just received my latest copy (Oct. 2010) of my AMSOIL Magazine and was reading … Continue reading “Amsoil Magazine November 2010”