Where to Buy Amsoil in Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon

If you live in Portland, OR and would like to purchase/buy Amsoil Products directly from the Warehouse please fill out the Amsoil Preferred Customer/Dealership form below*.

16260 SW 72nd Ave Bldg #2
Portland OR 97224
Phone: 503/620-5213
Fax: 503/968-2878
Monday ——————————— 9:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday — 9:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays ——— Closed

Amsoil Warehouse Portland, OR
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* Please allow two business days for processing of your account.
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4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Amsoil in Portland Oregon

  1. Hi John,

    Is this going to be worth our mutual benefit, I want to try the ext change oil/filter, maybe only buy when I need an oil change, every 10-15k.

    Then I will change this Friday up in SEATAC, so I would like to physically p-up the oil and filter
    by Thursday 2/9;

    Veh – Toyota 1998 4runner 4wd V6
    183k miles

    Rec – 05w X 30w
    Equiv – PL10251 -Amsoil ea034


    1. Hi Dave,
      Your 6 month trial program has been submitted. The products you’ll need are listed below:
      Oil: Since you’ll be changing the oil every 10,000-15,000 miles you may go with either one of these two:

      1. ASLQT-EA (Signature Series)
      2. XLFQT-EA (Extended Life)

      The 2nd choice is a better value since the size of the oil filter won’t permit you to go beyond 15,000 miles anyway.
      Oil Filter:

      1. EA15K51-EA (Ea Series) – Recommended
      2. 51348-EA (Wix brand oil filter)

      I always recommend the Amsoil Ea series oil filter due to its synthetic construction. It is good for up to 15,000 miles while the Wix maxes out at 10,000 miles.
      The filter I showed goes in the factory location. But I noticed you said “ext change oil/filter”. Does that mean you have some sort of bypass filter setup? If so any filter that fits the threads will work.

      1. Hi John,

        With the same base dia and thread size, I am currently using the on engine oil filter – PL10251 it is a little taller than my OR filter, an Amsoil rep emailed me that I could use this filter to increase filter media, I think the Amsoil equivalent oil filter would be the EA034, does this filter have the same change duration?

        I probably won’t push it beyond 15k per oil change, maybe the extra media won’t add that much?

        Otherwise the vehicle has a few miles on it, I am watching it carefully to ensure no leaks on the ground before I go full synthetic.

        I will run the 05W X 30W.

        Thanks, what else do I need to do to participate?

        1. If it doesn’t have 15k as part of the oil filter number then it is good for 25k miles. If it fits yes you can use it no problem. Just make sure there’s enough space around the filter area to make it fit. He wouldn’t have told you that if it wasn’t true anyway.

          You are already a preferred customer so I will email you your account number. Please check your spam folder if it isn’t received.

          You may now go straight to the Portland warehouse with your account number to pick up your products.


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