AMSOIL and Scheuring

A Recipe for Success Just add Snow

Amsoil Racer Justin Tate
Team AMSOIL rider
Justin (JT) Tate

If you think the off-season for the AMSOIL snocross team means sipping something cool by the pool while working on a tan, you would be half right. It is a time for some relaxation, but preparations for the next season are never far from their minds.

Team owner Steve Scheuring has been enjoying Denver omelets with Canadian bacon, jetting from Colorado to Toronto, and points in between, nailing down deals and sponsorships for the 2001-2002 season.

World-class riders DJ Eckstrom and Justin Tate will be back in the saddles this season. Eckstrom finished third in World Snowmobile Association Pro Open points last year despite breaking a leg during last year’s hiatus. Eckstrom had minor surgery to remove the steel rod from that leg this summer, but the Proctor, Minnesota native says he feels no ill effects and is ready to go. Tate has spent a little more time on motocross tracks this summer preparing for the gruelling snow circuit. Tate was fourth in overall WSA Pro Stock points.

Dennis (DJ) Eckstrom
The other half of the dynamic duo
Dennis (DJ) Eckstrom

The AMSOIL guns will be among the world’s elite when the X-Games take place in Colorado. Eckstrom pulled off a stunning bronze finish last year at Mt. Snow, Vermont. Expect major media exposure from the guys when they compete again in snocross and the new hillcross. Eckstrom and Tate have a very good chance of doubling up on medals at the February games.

Expect something new trackside as well. AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports set the standard four years ago when it unveiled a tractor and trailer for the team. This year there is a new rig and new look. Already the class of the WSA, the transporter will no doubt be the talk of the pits and garnish plenty of attention from media covering the growing sport.

Team Mastermind Steve Scheuring
Team Mastermind Steve Scheuring

Also new this year will be a new race team shop. Scheuring, with cooperation from the the city of Aurora, Minnesota, has built a state-of-the-art, 3700 sq. ft. building to house the team. On the grounds will be a test track complete with snow-making capabilities.

Tate and Eckstrom are known for their high-flying and hard-charging racing styles and that’s a perfect fit for a new sponsor. The U.S. Air Force is with the team this season.

USAF officials say they want to feature the AMSOIL riders in some public service announcements in 2002. The season kicks off at the Duluth National Snocross during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Amsoil Team Transporter Truck
The Team AMSOIL transporter is a work in progress. The new truck will be a first-class rig featuring a 30-foot AMSOIL logo.

Team Amsoil Truck Interior
It’s looks brand new now, but in a few weeks this trailer will be full of tools, parts and snowmobiles.

Reduce Downtime with Amsoil Lubricants

Construction Equipment uses Amsoil

Off-road vehicles and heavy-duty construction and farming equipment are some of the most complicated and expensive pieces of machinery in operation. They are subjected to harsh working conditions filled with dust and grime, potholes and ruts, long operating hours and temperature extremes from the hottest deserts to arctic conditions. A working piece of machinery can make the difference between meeting a deadline or getting the crops in and getting paid or closing a company’s doors and selling the farm.

To move earth, haul snow, harvest grain or dig trenches, heavy equipment must be protected from the effects of tremendous amounts of torque on their drive train gears and hydraulic systems. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, gear lubricants and greases protect heavy equipment in hostile environments longer than other lubricants can.

There is also a great deal of dust in the environments in which off-road and industrial vehicles operate, and getting enough clean air to the crankcase can be a job in itself. Dirt and water in diesel fuel is common, and left unchecked, it can destroy your fuel injectors and rust your engine. Dirty oil significantly reduces the profitable life span of an engine. Without the best fluids and high-quality filtration, expensive equipment breakdowns can be a frequent occurrence.

The best way to deal with costly breakdowns destroying profitability is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Fleet Manager magazine reported on one fleet manager who reported a savings of over $2 million for his operation as a result of changing his service interval and moving to synthetic lubricants. While switching equipment over to AMSOIL synthetic fluids and greases is an excellent step toward increasing profits through preventive maintenance and extended drains, it won’t mean a thing if proper filtration isn’t considered a part of overall vehicle care. No matter what the type or brand of fluid or fuel is used, if it’s dirty, you’re down and losing money. AMSOIL helps vehicle owners save money and extend vehicle serviceability by giving them access to the right filter, for the right conditions, for the right vehicle.

To find the right filter for any application, consult the Oil Filter and Air Filter Application Guide in the “Product Information” section of the AMSOIL corporate website at You may also consult the G-194 Cross Reference and Automotive Applications Guide, or for heavy duty applications, consult the G-1555 Hastings Product and Heavy Duty Applications Guide. Assistance is also available by calling the AMSOIL toll-free ordering line at 1-800-777-7094 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. Please give Customer Referral Number: 1254295

AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters subject oil to ultra-fine filtration, removing particles smaller than those typically captured by conventional oil filters, and they remove water from the oil. Use AMSOIL By-Pass Filters to supplement the protection offered by the AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filter.

Also available are fuel/water separators that remove water from diesel fuel and gasoline before it reaches the fuel filter or engine. Find information on the AMSOIL/Dahl fuel/water separators, as well as air and oil filters, in AMSOIL price lists and application guides.

The G-1009 Commercial and Industrial Products and G-118 Farm Equipment brochures are an excellent place to find additional information on lubricants, filters and services for off-road, farming and industrial applications.

Amsoil: A Company of Integrity

Amsoil Independent Dealer

AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio introduced the world to his new and revolutionary synthetic motor oil and the concept of extended drain intervals in 1972. For the first time, people could buy the true performance and protection only a 100 percent synthetic motor oil could offer. Back in those early days, Amatuzio found it difficult to market and sell such a revolutionary new product.

In fact, he took on much of this responsibility himself, from blending and packaging to marketing and selling. But In 1973, Amatuzio met Shirley Green, changing the AMSOIL business forever. It was Green who introduced Amatuzio to multilevel marketing.

Almost 30 years later, AMSOIL is still thriving as a multi-level marketing company. AMSOIL is well known as a company of integrity, a company that not only offers the highest quality synthetic lubricants on the market, but also one of the most solid business opportunities. AMSOIL Dealers may choose to participate in a variety of programs to build their businesses, including personal retail sales, sponsorship of new Dealers and Preferred Customers and through retail-on-the-shelf, commercial and fund raising accounts. AMSOIL also offers its Dealers top notch support and a wide selection of sales literature, promotional items and other sales tools. Thousands of Independent AMSOIL Dealers have found success through the AMSOIL multi-level marketing plan. People have established careers, raised families and secured their retirements through the income earned from their AMSOIL Dealerships.

AMSOIL is a recognized leader and innovator in the lubricant industry and has worked hard to maintain its reputation for quality and integrity.

While many companies through the years have relied on hype and exaggerations to sell their products, AMSOIL has been content to let the facts speak for themselves. Through laboratory and field testing, AMSOIL shows customers just how superior its products are over the competition’s.

Countless testimonials from AMSOIL users back up everything AMSOIL claims about its products. Customers know AMSOIL delivers true performance, not performance hype.

It is through so many knowledgeable and professional Dealers that AMSOIL has maintained its reputation as a company of integrity for almost 30 years. AMSOIL Dealers have successfully worked together in an atmosphere of mutual respect from the beginning.

AMSOIL Dealers are free to pursue potential customers, downline Dealers, Preferred Customers and commercial, retail-on-the-shelf and fund raising accounts throughout the United States and Canada. Dealers are by no means limited exclusively to the areas they live in. However, Dealers are prohibited from pursuing the existing accounts, Dealers and Preferred Customers of fellow AMSOIL Dealers, all of whom have protected status.

Respect for fellow Dealers is one of the keys to AMSOIL’s success over the years. As a Dealer, you know the process sometimes involved with registering potential accounts, downline Dealers and Preferred Customers. Persistence and patience are vital. Not everyone becomes an AMSOIL customer immediately, and you may have to make several sales calls before finally closing the deal. Just as you wouldn’t want someone else to suddenly jump in and register an account you had already been actively pursuing, you should be careful not to do the same to another Dealer.

AMSOIL’s solid reputation has been a strong asset throughout the years. By maintaining this reputation, AMSOIL will continue to provide the finest synthetic lubricants on the market, while continuing to grow at a steady pace.

Amsoil Independent Dealers

AMSOIL marketing plan policies are in place to protect all Dealers.

  • AMSOIL Dealers will respect the rights of other Dealers and refrain from actively soliciting other Dealers’ current customers and the prospective customers with whom other Dealers are working.
  • AMSOIL Dealers are prohibited from pursuing, for either sponsoring or sales purposes, current AMSOIL Dealers, Preferred Customers and Accounts, all of whom have protected status.

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Amsoil XL-7500 Oil Change Program

James Thomas, the manager of a Texaco Quick Lube Center in Minnesota, speaks about the AMSOIL XL-7500 oil change program.

Amsoil XLO 10W-40 Synthetic Motor OilACTION NEWS: How receptive have your customers been to AMSOIL XL-7500 extended drain oil changes? How’s the XL-7500 program treating you?

THOMAS: It’s treating me pretty well. Some people jump at the opportunity to have their oil changes extended, while for others it’s just a matter of education.

ACTION NEWS: What do you mean?

THOMAS: Well, some people realize that premium synthetics such as AMSOIL are worth the extra charge, and they understand they can stop back any time to have their oil and other fluids checked. They understand that it saves them money in the long run. But some people have been told to change their oil every 3,000 miles for so long that they just don’t understand, even after being shown the cost analysis breakdown. Education, you see? Education. People are used to 3,000 mile oil changes, and they don’t understand the technology.

ACTION NEWS: In the quick lube industry, some operators feel extended oil changes cause them to lose money. How do you feel about this idea? In addition, do you think it’s easier for people to have oil changes done this way?

THOMAS: Well, in the last quarter, in addition to our regular oil changes, we did over 621 AMSOIL XL-7500 oil changes and six AMSOIL 25,000-mile oil changes. Some days the XL-7500 mile changes amount to 30 percent of my sales. I also try to make sure that when people get the 7,500 mile services, they understand that they should stop by periodically to have things checked over under the hood. When this happens, we still have the opportunity to sell them the windshield wipers, air filters, lightbulbs, etc. Sometimes when they stop back and have seen what the AMSOIL difference is, we have more credibility and I’m able to sell them tranny flush or differential lubes. So we make our money right away through the oil changes, and in addition to that, when customers stop by for preventive maintenance. People definitely like the service and products we give them, and they tell their friends about us.

ACTION NEWS: I notice there is a big difference between the levels of 7,500- mile changes and 25,000-mile changes. Why do you think this is? Do you think the number of 25,000-mile changes will increase as people become more aware?

THOMAS: I think the difference is because people need to get used to the idea of extended oil drains. Like I said, first of all, you have to educate them on the 7,500-mile oil change alone, and they always ask, “What’s the difference?” I just tell them it’s their [AMSOIL’s] highest grade synthetic. The 25,000-mile change is more difficult to sell right now, but when 7,500-mile customers come back, I think they’ll be more receptive to the 25,000-mile change after seeing how good the product is. For some people, it takes time to build confidence in synthetics.

ACTION NEWS: Do you use AMSOIL in your own vehicles? Any personal experiences that would cause you to espouse your beliefs in the quality of AMSOIL products?

THOMAS: I wouldn’t use anything else. I went through the 20 below weather we had back in January with the XL-7500 in. I have an older vehicle, a full-size Waldoch conversion van, and I don’t plug it in. I live on a street where you have to change your parking every night so the plows can get by, and you just can’t get an extension cord to your vehicle. You also run the risk of hooligans stealing it or someone spinning their tires on it. I was using the XL-7500 10W-30 at that time and my vehicle started every day like it was 40 above. I just switched to the 25,000-mile program using the 5W-30.

ACTION NEWS: It sounds like you’re pretty happy. Did you see an increase in fuel mileage?

THOMAS: Yes, I’m pretty happy. I don’t go on many extended trips, so it’s kind of hard to gauge the mileage all the time. However, the last time I did go on a trip, I noticed I got a few more miles to the gallon, but I didn’t write it down. You know, one of the reasons I changed to the AMSOIL 25,000-mile program is because I run this place and even I don’t have time to change my oil. I’m serious! I use it because anywhere I can save time is good.

ACTION NEWS: Well, it looks like there’s a few customers coming in. I’ll let you get to work. Thank you for your time and thank you for using AMSOIL.

THOMAS: Hey, I’m serious. It’s good stuff! AMSOIL is clearly the best choice for quick lube customers, as well as quick lube operators. If Thomas’ shop continues performing over 600 AMSOIL XL-7500 oil changes per quarter, they will do over 2,400 in a year. At $49.99/change, they will have over $119,976 in revenue on AMSOIL oil changes alone.