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AMSOIL is the Official Oil of the Sturgis, Daytona and Laconia motorcycle rallies. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally took place just last month, and a few corporate employees received the opportunity to promote AMSOIL products in the corporate booth on Main Street. A concentrated effort was made to ask customers who stated they were already using AMSOIL in their motorcycles if they also used AMSOIL in their cars, trucks or other types of equipment. Approximately 95 percent of these customers said “No.” Do you know what that means? Opportunity!

Go to your current customers and find out more about their lubrication needs. If you’re selling someone motorcycle oil, odds are he or she has a car, or two or three. Those vehicles need AMSOIL. A customer who only uses AMSOIL in his or her snowmobile or four-wheeler often has a truck and trailer that would also benefit from the use of AMSOIL products.

Your current customers are easier to sell to compared to those who haven’t yet experienced the benefits of AMSOIL products. Let your current customers know the same quality and performance they receive with their current product is consistent throughout the entire AMSOIL product line. If they like the performance they realize with AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, they will love the performance they receive from AMSOIL synthetic motor oils. And don’t forget to ask them for a referral, perhaps a family member or friend they ride with who could also benefit from using AMSOIL products.

Good Selling!

Top 5 Mistakes Amsoil Dealers Make

Steve LePage Region Amsoil Sales Manager
Amsoil Sales Manager
Steve LePage

Improve teamwork through face-to-face contact with personal group members.

AMSOIL University provides the ultimate face-to-face AMSOIL Dealer training.

Any coach will tell you that teamwork is the key to success, whether on the gridiron, the court or the diamond. The same can be said of building a successful independent AMSOIL business.

Sales define success for any business, large or small, so it only stands to reason that a company that provides and encourages quality sales training is going to stand out as a leader in its industry. I am proud to say that AMSOIL most definitely falls into that category. The key to good training is a positive attitude. Train “attitude first,” and start with yourself – lead by example. Be enthusiastic. Lead rather than manage.

Show your team how to do something as opposed to telling them what to do. Face-to-face contact with your team is the best way to build a lasting relationship with team members. One way to accomplish this is by conducting regular Dealer meetings. If you hold Dealer meetings, make them fun and upbeat. Be sure to recognize anyone who has reached a new level of achievement.

Amsoil University 2010
More than 350 Dealers received face-to-face training at
the Diesel Shop Talk segment of AMSOIL University 2010.

Encourage team members to share their success stories, but also allow frustrations to be shared and make time to provide solutions to those frustrations. Spend some time on product knowledge and sales strategies. And even though you’re the trainer, don’t be afraid to let members of your team brainstorm ideas and have a hand in the training. By showing that you value and respect their input, members of your team will be more likely to embrace your instruction.

Working trade shows can be another prime opportunity for face-to-face training. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, encourage members of your team to work the booth with you. What better on-the-job training can you provide than showing firsthand how you connect with prospects? You could also allow a member of your team to tag along on one of your sales calls. If that’s not an option, encourage your team to role-play some sales scenarios. If you have a video camera, you may want to record those role-playing segments. Video can be a useful tool in determining what and what not to do. All of these training examples will help build stronger relationships with your team members and encourage teamwork.

While face-to-face communication is clearly the most effective way to train your team, it is not always possible. The important thing to remember is to connect with your team however and whenever possible. Many successful Dealers send out a monthly newsletter; others conduct live teleconferences. It may be as simple as sharing ideas via email or making a phone call to encourage accessing the Dealer Sales Training Tab in the Dealer Zone.

AMSOIL is preparing now for its most important Dealer training event of the year and your opportunity for some face-to-face contact with corporate staff, AMSOIL University. If you’re serious about being a team leader, plan to attend AMSOIL U and encourage members of your team to do the same.

This is your chance to lead by example, get to know your team better and demonstrate that you are still dedicated to training. Not only that, but it just plain works. Dealers who attend AMSOIL U greatly improve their odds of reaching the level of Direct Jobber.

AMSOIL prides itself in the many sales tools provided to help you build your business. We encourage you to take advantage of these tools and make training a big part of your business-building process. Remember, AMSOIL University is this company’s most important training event of the year. There is a commitment of time, travel and expense, but consider those commitments a sound investment in your future (an investment that can potentially be written off on your taxes). AMSOIL U is rapidly approaching, but you still have time to get on board.

Good Selling!

If you are interested in becoming an Amsoil Dealer at this time please fill out the application form below (Select the Amsoil Dealer Option):

If you are interested in purchasing Amsoil products it is to your benefit to first become a preferred customer. This entitles you to save up to 25% off of retail prices.

$10 for the 6 month PC trial program ($20/year optional renewal fee thereafter).

Your account will be opened within two business days.

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Amsoil Preferred Customer Program for Thrifty Internet Shoppers!

All of us prefer to do better than "Retail", isn't online shopping more rewarding when it's wholesale?

The preferred customer program is merely that, "more rewarding". The reduction ranges from 20% - 25% off regular retail prices.

In as the Amsoil dealers fact the same price list is followed by preferred customers.

Your account will be opened within two business days.

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Amsoil products are purchased by Amsoil Preferred Customers at wholesale price, without the duties of having a Dealership.

Preferred Customer Memberships are suggested for individuals who aren't always interested in the business opportunity, but need the cheapest possible prices on the most effective lubrication and filtration products for their vehicles and equipment. Preferred Customers pay the same low costs for Amsoil products that Amsoil Dealers pay.

What do you Get?

Ten dollars ($10) gets you a six-month trial Preferred Customer membership for buying Amsoil products at wholesale prices. ($15 for Canadian Accounts) Here is what Preferred Customers get:

  • Preferred Customers buy Amsoil products at wholesale prices (20% - 25% off).
  • If you buy $100 of Amsoil products a year, this program saves you money!
  • You will get immediate discount, just add preferred customer program to your online order.
  • Preferred Customers can either register over the telephone or Online.
  • Preferred Customer memberships may be renewed indefinitely.
  • Preferred Customers can upgrade to an Amsoil Dealership at any time.
  • Preferred Customers receive an information kit on Amsoil products, an Air and Oil Filter Application Guide, and the monthly Amsoil product, racing and application magazine, the Amsoil Action News.

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Direct Jobber Newsletter September 2010

Dear AMSOIL Direct Jobber:

Below is the Dealer Sales Department Blog posting for this week. We are sending this to you as we realize that not everyone who has email is also actively reading the blog and because this is such an important topic. Your help in encouraging the registration of your personal group members is needed and very much appreciated. Be sure to forward this email on to all of your Personal Group members.  Looking forward to seeing you soon at a Fall Sales Meeting.

We are now less than 2 weeks from the start of the 2010 Fall Sales Meetings.  With summer in our rear view mirror and fall at the next intersection, the AMSOIL Dealer Sales Department is chomping at the bit to get out in the field and see Dealers face to face.  This year’s meetings have already started a buzz in the Dealer network that is well worth the hype.  As a regular Blog subscriber you should already be aware of the benefits of attending one, or more, of the meetings.  Since the benefits are so great, let’s review them again so you understand the impact these meetings can have on your business.

The first benefit is of course the timely training and information we will share on what is happening in the lubrication industry.  ILSAC GF-5 and the GM dexos specifications top the latest on what is happening in the marketplace.  We will show you how this may affect your business and what AMSOIL has in store to address these important developments.  These specification changes are sure to be on your customer’s minds, and we will provide you with the information you need to professionally address their questions and concerns.

Pre-registration will assure attending Dealers receive benefits they will “walk away with.”  We will provide pre-registered Dealers a DVD containing great sales testimonials and video sales tools.  This DVD will be perfect to demonstrate to your customers and prospects the benefits of using AMSOIL products.  And how does a 10% rebate on an order of AMSOIL products sound?  The pre-registered Dealer is eligible to place one order the week of the meeting that will qualify for the rebate.  The only way to receive this 10% product rebate is to be pre-registered! Orders may be picked up at an AMSOIL Distribution Center or may be shipped to the Dealer. Local distribution centers will have special Saturday hours for product pickup from 8 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM the date of the meeting. If you intend to pick up an order on the Saturday of the meeting, please place your order by 3 PM that Friday.

AMSOIL products will of course be a hot topic at each meeting.  AMSOIL has introduced several new products this year and we will provide the “scoop” on these products.  Beyond the new products introduced in 2010, Dealers attending the meetings will be the first to see the bold new repackaging and repositioning of an AMSOIL major product line.  Finally, as Al Amatuzio stated in the September 2010 Action News President’s Message, Dealers attending the meetings “will also see, for the very first time, a product that may ultimately have as much impact on a Dealer’s business as virtually any product we have ever introduced.  That is no exaggeration.  I can say no more on that.”

Wow!  There you have it! So many benefits that can only come from attending a meeting.  If you haven’t already pre-registered, do it NOW.  If you have already, make sure to encourage your Personal Group to pre-register and attend.  Pre-register by calling 1-800-777-7094, or via the form in the Dealer Zone under the Training tab. And don't forget to bring along an AMSOIL business card to be eligible for valuable prize drawings!


Receive 10% Discount on all ALTRUM Supplements by Pre-registering and attending a Fall Sales Meeting

All AMSOIL Dealers attending a Fall Sales Meeting are eligible to receive a 10% rebate on one complete product order placed during the week of the meeting.  As ALTRUM products are Superior only items, all ALTRUM orders will be shipped to the Dealer from Superior

Steve LePage

Regional Sales Manager