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I believe AMSOIL should inform Dealers about drain intervals for customers who use E85 fuel. Since 2003 I have not seen any articles in the AMSOIL Magazine about this issue. I sent an e-mail in 2008 about this because gas prices were over $4 a gallon. Again this year gas has been over $4 a gallon and there are thousands of cars that can use E85 gas. Ford and GM are selling many of these types of cars every day.

I was told in 2008 to follow the OEM’s oil change recommendations when using E85 gas because engines run hotter and could cause the oil to break down faster. Also, what about using gas with 10% ethanol over a period of six months as this is the type of gas I buy in Florida. Here in Michigan I can purchase either regular gas or E85, and when gas prices get this high, I like to use E85 as it is usually over $1 a gallon cheaper than regular gas. What would happen if a customer using AMSOIL with the one-year/25,000-mile program purchased E85 every week during the year and didn’t know about using the OEM’s oil change recommendations?

John Young


Yes, AMSOIL recommends following the OEM-recommended drain interval when using E85 gas; this recommendation is stated on all the Signature Series labels. Use of gas with 10% ethanol does not affect drain interval recommendations. In addition to engines generally running hotter on E85, high concentrations of ethanol increase the likelihood of excessive fuel dilution in the oil which causes the oil to thin out and degrade faster. AMSOIL continues to investigate all issues related to E85 fuel.


Some potential commercial accounts I have encountered are frightened of the cost of AMSOIL lubricants, especially in larger volumes such as drums, even after I have explained to them all the hidden benefits of the product. In my opinion, AMSOIL should consider perks to new accounts in addition to them already purchasing products at wholesale pricing. For example, a farm signing up as a new commercial account and after qualifying purchases should perhaps get their choice of one case (or half case of bottles/tubes) of fuel treatment, grease or perhaps three oil sample kits, AGGRAND soil sample kits or other products that might spark interest in other areas of the great AMSOIL product line.

Lucas Durham


In addition to receiving wholesale pricing, commercial accounts also qualify for purchase and freight discounts. Offering further incentives would force either higher prices or reduced commissions. Selling prospects on the cost-effectiveness and many other benefits of using Amsoil products is ultimately the key to gaining new customers and encouraging existing customers to use additional AMSOIL products.


Are there any plans for developing AMSOIL apps for smart phones?

When talking with prospects, one of their first questions is “how much does it cost?” I try to have many of the items committed to memory, but invariably they ask about something that I don’t have memorized. And, I don’t always have a price list with me. Using the smart phone browser to sign into the current AMSOIL website is just not conducive to giving the customer a quick answer.

Another app that would be useful, when calling on a ROTS or commercial customer, would be the ability to scan the barcode of an item and create an order list, something similar to the quick order form functionality, only sized for a smart phone. Having the ability to create a quick list that I can use later to either create the order online or call the 800 number would be a great productivity aid.

Also, with the frequency of the price changes we are experiencing, having online access to the current and future prices would enable me to help the customer decide if they should go ahead and order more at the current price.

Gale Binder

Great job on the new beta Dealer Zone and mobile apps. I already had an opportunity to use the mobile apps today – the same day I got the notice that the new pages had been created to demonstrate the vehicle lookup guide to a new Dealer lead I was visiting. Not only was he impressed at the availability of the information and the amount of information there, but the fact that it was nearly instantaneous on my 3G smart phone. This new mobile app will prove invaluable whether I am at a booth in a trade show, at a customer site or just working from my truck.


Larry Hansford


The new AMSOIL mobile apps were introduced in June and will prove very useful for Dealers. AMSOIL will continue to explore the addition of further apps. Check out all the information on the new Dealer Zone and mobile apps on pages 10 and 11.

Passive Regeneration

Dan Peterson, thank you for your ongoing contribution towards the new trends in diesel oil lubrication. In the May 2011 Tech Talk column you mentioned “the technique for cleaning DPFs is called regeneration and is categorized as either passive or active.” You went ahead to explain “active regeneration.” I have scanned through the whole article and did not see your explanation of “passive regeneration.”

Thanks for your kind attention.

Victor Udechukwu


The column focused exclusively on active regeneration because it is a major cause of fuel dilution. Passive regeneration occurs when exhaust gases are of high enough temperature to cause soot in the diesel particulate filter to spontaneously ignite without the help of a fuel source to start the process.


I have been selling and using Amsoil products since 2008. I will not sell any product I don't use myself. Your cars will last for 150K+ miles with no problems. I have a 2004 Toyota truck with 217K miles and a 4runner with over 170K miles running fine. Cell: (702) 994-4646

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