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Just over a year ago, MyAMSOILGarage launched on the corporate website as a supplement to the AMSOIL Auto & Light Truck Lookup system. It provides a virtual “garage” in which users store all their passenger car/light truck information, eliminating the need to re-enter it each time a product lookup is performed. The ability to track oil and filter changes and establish email oil change reminders was also included.

MyAMSOILGarage has proven extremely popular since its launch, and the next logical step was to expand its capabilities beyond the Auto & Light Truck Application Guide. Users will now notice the following additional features:

  • The ability to store information for virtually any vehicle, including motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, heavy-duty trucks and more.
  • The ability to store information for stationary equipment, including compressors, chop saws, generators and more.
  • Expanded record-keeping capabilities, allowing users to track all maintenance services, such as belt changes, brake work, tire changes and more.
  • Advanced email reminder capabilities. While MyAMSOILGarage still provides easy and fast product lookups for passenger car/light truck applications, it now has also become a complete vehicle and equipment maintenance software program.

User-Friendly Interface
The new interface includes a customizable folder tree down the left-hand side of the screen and a bigger workspace. The enhanced interface neatly stores and organizes information for an unlimited amount of vehicles and equipment.

All Vehicles and Equipment Accommodated
Vehicle and equipment information is now customizable. Users can create records for vehicles not contained in the drop-down menus, including vintage cars, farm implements, semi trucks and more. If the user owns it, MyAMSOILGarage can accommodate it. However, product recommendations may not currently be available for applications other than passenger cars/light trucks. AMSOIL is working to offer additional product recommendations and plans to release an application guide for powersports applications soon. Until then, consult the AMSOIL Powersports Application Guide (G2135) for recommendations.

Unlimited Maintenance Records
The previous system was designed to track only oil and filter changes. Now, a drop-down list of additional maintenance services is offered to track air filter, transmission, coolant, fuel filter, spark plug, tire and wiper service. Additionally, users can manually enter any other type of maintenance service not included in the drop-down menu, allowing storage of all maintenance services performed.

Email Reminders
Email reminders may be scheduled for any maintenance service performed on a vehicle or piece of equipment, including manually entered services. Each reminder can be individually scheduled to send on a specific date. A reoccurrence schedule can also be set for every three, six or 12 months, or “never again.” A new feature allows email reminders to be sent to a secondary email address only, allowing Dealers who manage customers’ vehicles to avoid flooding their own inboxes with email reminders.

Free to Use for Everyone
MyAMSOILGarage is free to use and available to anyone with an AMSOIL online account. Click the “MyAMSOILGarage link” in the gray sidebar on the left-hand side of to establish an account and to begin filling the virtual garage.

MyAMSOILGarage accommodates information and maintenance records for all vehicles and equipment, allowing users to manually enter applications not pre-programmed into the system.

Expanded email reminder capabilities allow users to easily schedule reminders for all services.


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