Top 5 Mistakes Amsoil Dealers Make

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Steve LePage Region Amsoil Sales Manager
Amsoil Sales Manager
Steve LePage

Improve teamwork through face-to-face contact with personal group members.

AMSOIL University provides the ultimate face-to-face AMSOIL Dealer training.

Any coach will tell you that teamwork is the key to success, whether on the gridiron, the court or the diamond. The same can be said of building a successful independent AMSOIL business.

Sales define success for any business, large or small, so it only stands to reason that a company that provides and encourages quality sales training is going to stand out as a leader in its industry. I am proud to say that AMSOIL most definitely falls into that category. The key to good training is a positive attitude. Train “attitude first,” and start with yourself – lead by example. Be enthusiastic. Lead rather than manage.

Show your team how to do something as opposed to telling them what to do. Face-to-face contact with your team is the best way to build a lasting relationship with team members. One way to accomplish this is by conducting regular Dealer meetings. If you hold Dealer meetings, make them fun and upbeat. Be sure to recognize anyone who has reached a new level of achievement.

Amsoil University 2010
More than 350 Dealers received face-to-face training at
the Diesel Shop Talk segment of AMSOIL University 2010.

Encourage team members to share their success stories, but also allow frustrations to be shared and make time to provide solutions to those frustrations. Spend some time on product knowledge and sales strategies. And even though you’re the trainer, don’t be afraid to let members of your team brainstorm ideas and have a hand in the training. By showing that you value and respect their input, members of your team will be more likely to embrace your instruction.

Working trade shows can be another prime opportunity for face-to-face training. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, encourage members of your team to work the booth with you. What better on-the-job training can you provide than showing firsthand how you connect with prospects? You could also allow a member of your team to tag along on one of your sales calls. If that’s not an option, encourage your team to role-play some sales scenarios. If you have a video camera, you may want to record those role-playing segments. Video can be a useful tool in determining what and what not to do. All of these training examples will help build stronger relationships with your team members and encourage teamwork.

While face-to-face communication is clearly the most effective way to train your team, it is not always possible. The important thing to remember is to connect with your team however and whenever possible. Many successful Dealers send out a monthly newsletter; others conduct live teleconferences. It may be as simple as sharing ideas via email or making a phone call to encourage accessing the Dealer Sales Training Tab in the Dealer Zone.

AMSOIL is preparing now for its most important Dealer training event of the year and your opportunity for some face-to-face contact with corporate staff, AMSOIL University. If you’re serious about being a team leader, plan to attend AMSOIL U and encourage members of your team to do the same.

This is your chance to lead by example, get to know your team better and demonstrate that you are still dedicated to training. Not only that, but it just plain works. Dealers who attend AMSOIL U greatly improve their odds of reaching the level of Direct Jobber.

AMSOIL prides itself in the many sales tools provided to help you build your business. We encourage you to take advantage of these tools and make training a big part of your business-building process. Remember, AMSOIL University is this company’s most important training event of the year. There is a commitment of time, travel and expense, but consider those commitments a sound investment in your future (an investment that can potentially be written off on your taxes). AMSOIL U is rapidly approaching, but you still have time to get on board.

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