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Amsoil Pricing Policy

If you have a general question about an Amsoil Product or synthetics in general please fill out the form here.

Amsoil Preferred Customer

Amsoil Preferred Customers purchase products at wholesale cost, which is approximately 25 percent less than suggested retail. Six-month trial membership can only be purchased once; after the trial membership, Preferred Customers need to renew on an annual basis to maintain Preferred Customer status. Annual memberships can be renewed indefinitely. read more→

Amsoil Dealer

Start Your Own AMSOIL Dealership. Buy at wholesale pricing, sell products, register new customers and earn commissions. read more→

Amsoil Products Form

This form is for people wanting specific Amsoil product information for their particular application ranging from family vehicles to factory equipment. read more→

Amsoil Commercial Account Form

Companies purchasing lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment, may qualify for an Amsoil Commercial Account. The Amsoil Commercial Account enables you to purchase Amsoil Products at wholesale commercial prices, about 40% below retail price. read more→

Amsoil Retail Account Form

About Amsoil Retail Account (ROTS): Where can a customer purchase AMSOIL Products? Potential customers often search for AMSOIL Products they need through retail outlets. Retail outlets who sign up for AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts make the sale. read more→