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Sponsoring Expands Your Business

Many people operate under the assumption that having personal group Dealers working the same area is like adding competition. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s already been shown that active personal group Dealers expand your income opportunity, so by sponsoring you’ve really just expanded your sales force.

Sponsoring Provides Security

An active personal group means security because personal group Dealers keep working even if you can’t (residual income). Dealers with strong, active personal groups continue generating commissions, even if they fall ill or can’t actively work their businesses for some other reason, because their personal group Dealers are still selling the products and sponsoring new Dealers.

Based on this same principle, an independent AMSOIL business generates retirement income. When successful Dealers retire, their personal groups are often so solid that the business continues to generate income for them.

Finding Prospects

Many Dealers begin with friends and family, however, sponsoring is often more successful with people outside of family and friends. Virtually anyone you come in contact with is a potential new personal group member. Other members of groups or organizations to which you belong such as a sportsmans club, snowmobile club or Lions club make excellent prospects. Even old classmates might make good personal group Dealers.

Another good place to nd potential Dealers is your customer list. Customers often make the best Dealers because they believe in the product and start with a good base of knowledge. Some Dealers nd new Dealers through print or radio advertising, trade shows, yers, the Internet or other promotional activities. No matter where they are found, it is important to qualify prospects and be sure they are not already involved with another AMSOIL Dealer. Refer to the Initial Contact Guidelines Brochure (G2194) for details.

Spotting a Good Prospect

Although virtually anyone can be an AMSOIL Dealer and no single quality is a guarantee of success or failure, some characteristics provide good indications of future performance.

  • People who value AMSOIL products
  • People who desire to start their own businesses
  • Hard-working, self-starting, stable people
  • People with good experience
  • People looking for retirement income
  • People who are driven
  • Successful People
  • Busy People
  • Personable people
  • Husband/Wife Teams

Making the Presentation

The most important aspect of sponsoring is knowing the company and the products. Most of the questions prospects will ask can be answered with thorough knowledge of the AMSOIL Business Manual (G700). When making sponsoring presentations, it’s important to ask appropriate questions and listen to the answers. If you ask good questions, prospects will provide clues to their motivations, and these clues can help you tailor your presentations to them.

  • Have all necessary materials on-hand
  • Wear proper attire (AMSOIL clothing)
  • Have a positive attitude – smile
  • Know your prospect
  • Believe in AMSOIL products
  • Do the paperwork
  • Follow up
  • AMSOIL T-1 Certication Program

    T-1 Certication opens the door to many benets that Dealers can use to help build their businesses. T-1 Certied Dealers are eligible to receive leads directly from AMSOIL and through the Dealer Locator on the corporate website. They are also eligible for the many co-op programs available through AMSOIL, including the Trade Show Co-op Program, Race Co-op Program, Oil Analysis Co-op Program and Dealer Meeting Co-op Program.

    To apply for T-1 Certication, order the Dealer Business Manual (G700), review the contents, complete the T-1 Certication Workbook and mail it to AMSOIL INC. Dealers must meet the following requirements to earn Certication:

    • Must have Internet access
    • Must have an email address
    • Must maintain an active Dealer Zone account
    • Must pass the T-1 Certication test with a minimum score of 90 percent.

    For more information refer to the T-1 Certication Flyer (G1329), which is also included in the Dealer Business Manual.

    Click to download the complete Amsoil Income Opportunity Brochure.

    To get started on Becoming an Amsoil Dealer right now fill out the following form:

    This form is if you are interested in becoming an Amsoil Dealer or Preferred Customer. If you choose the Amsoil Dealer option an application will be emailed to you the following business day. Just follow the instructions that will be included.

    If you check the preferred customer option you will become a trial 6 month Preferred Customer within five business days.

    Amsoil Dealership Application Form

    The advantages to become an Amsoil Home Dealer lets you buy Amsoil Products at wholesale prices which saves you up to 25% off your purchases and earn income on the side (whether full-time or part-time). After filling out the below form you'll receive an Amsoil application form via e-mail (you'll even be redirect to a page where you are able to download the form (PDF File) directly). Follow the directions on the form. The renewal fee is $45 per year.

    Once your membership has been activated you will receive an email to activate your websites (at no cost to you) similar to the following:

    The zo numbers at the end of the links you see above are mine but will be replaced with your unique zo number upon approval.

    To give you a heads up on how the commission structure works please download the Amsoil Payment Structure form.

    Privacy Policy 🔒

    AMSOIL Means Opportunity, Become an AMSOIL Dealer. Real Products - Real Business!

    Start Your Own Business! With AMSOIL Dealership

    The products offered by AMSOIL contain a foundation upon which you develop your company. An AMSOIL Dealership is the perfect startup opportunity for individuals who desire to be their own manager, have their own company and establish their own goals.

    The AMSOIL business opportunity is versatile and dynamic to an extent wherein, a person can create and alter his/her business to meet up to their expected level of competence. In other words, the achievable escalation can be driven beyond boundaries.

    We provide training materials, administrative help, technical support and everything required to construct successful dealerships.

    An Introduction to AMSOIL Dealership

    AMSOIL products are sold through independent Dealers. People like you. Individuals who want additional cash, something to do in their spare time, even just a business. You can begin an independent AMSOIL Dealership for under $50 and place as much or as little time into it when you desire. The products offered by AMSOIL contain a foundation upon which to develop your company.

    The present pattern in The United States is small business. Owning your own business ensures you the chance to establish your own objectives and the independence to work on your own terms. AMSOIL offers most of the benefits of a franchise without the big initial investment. There are lots of benefits of the opportunity which you just will not see in other business opportunities.

    • Minimal start-up fee
    • No inventory requirements
    • No territory restrictions
    • No capital investment
    • No employee expenses or requirements

    And most importantly, AMSOIL provides Dealers with an exceptional support system to assist them develop their businesses. Booklets, DVD's, meetings, practical services, websites... everything you should start and develop your company can be found from us.

    Your account will be opened within two business days.

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