Amsoil Pricing Policy

The most asked question is how may I obtain Amsoil wholesale prices?

A lot of people and customers have asked why Amsoil prices are not posted on dealer websites.

The reason is due to Amsoil's pricing policy.

The following is directly from Amsoil.

Pricing of AMSOIL products shall not be posted anywhere on the Internet with the exception of the AMSOIL Online Store and the electronic AMSOIL retail catalog. All sales and price inquiries shall be conducted by directing customers to the AMSOIL Online Store, AMSOIL retail catalog or through personal communications.

Any mention of wholesale or discounted prices must clearly indicate it is available only through registration as a Preferred Customer or Dealer.

To obtain a wholesale price sheet please fill out the form below (you will not be committed or obligated to register, sign up or purchase anything):

[sc name=”wholesalerequestform-pages”]


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