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Amsoil OAI Oil Analysis KitAMSOIL provides oil analysis service options. By analyzing used engine oil, a qualified lab can detect mechanical problems your engine may have.

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The Sampling Process Trend Analysis

A single sampling analysis is useful in providing information when critical failure conditions exist. However, trend analysis is a better tool for estimating the useful life or overall condition of your engine or equipment. Trend analysis samples are taken and analyzed at regularly scheduled intervals. Comparing the most recent analysis to previous reports on a given machine shows the development of trends. Monitoring these trends enables early detection of internal abnormalities. Tested values falling within acceptable limits may show a pattern of subtle variance, which could signal a developing problem.

Machines of the same type will accumulate contaminants and wear at different rates. Performing trend analysis on each machine is the most effective method of giving you an internal look at your equipment and enabling you to deal with developing problems before they become catastrophic situations.

Amsoil OAI Oil Analysis Pump

Sampling Frequency
The frequency of sample analysis from your equipment depends on the machine type, machine application and condition, operating environment and other variables. For example, many machines that operate in harsh environments, such as heavy equipment in mining or construction, require short oil sampling intervals – every 100 to 300 operating hours. However, certain power transmission systems, such as gearboxes and hydraulic systems used inside manufacturing and production facilities, require no more than quarterly sampling intervals. The following table lists generic sampling frequencies for common equipment types, and is provided as a guideline only. Additional information is available from Oil Analyzers Inc., your lubricant supplier, and the equipment manufacturer.

Collecting a clean and representative oil sample is critical to the oil analysis process. Put simply, an oil analysis is only as good as the sample taken. The accuracy and reliability of the data produced by an analysis hinges on receiving a representative sample from the equipment to be tested. To assure that the sample extracted is representative of the system, always follow proper sampling procedures.

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KIT01 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (1) Kit – Postage Pre-Paid
KIT02 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (1) Kit – UPS Pre-Paid
KIT401 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (1) Kit – UPS Pre-Paid Canada
KIT04 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (50) Kits – Postage Pre-Paid
KIT05 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (100) Kits – Postage Pre-Paid
KIT06 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (1) Kit – Non Postage Paid
KIT07 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (50) Kits – Non Postage Paid
KIT08 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (100) Kits – Non Postage Paid
KIT402 Oil Analyzers Test Kit: (1) Kit – Non Postage Paid Canada
KIT09 Coolant Testing: (1) Kit – UPS
KIT403 Coolant Testing: (1) Kit – Non Postage Paid Canada
KIT10 Diesel Fuel Contamination Test: (1) Kit
KIT11 Diesel Fuel Performance Test: (1) Kit
KIT12 Winter Diesel Fuel Package: (1) Kit
KIT13 Winter Diesel Fuel Package Plus: (1) Kit


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