A Turnaround to the Race Season

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During the 2000 racing season Dealer Herman Wood of Indianapolis, Ind. worked with “St. John Racing” in a local race truck series. Tommy St. John was the truck builder and chief mechanic and Tommy St. John II was a rookie driver.

During the early part of the season they struggled to get a handle on the truck. In the early going they had trouble getting the chassis set up and had frequent problems with the transmission.

They switched to AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid for the last half of their race season and immediately got results. “The last half of their season was great,” Wood said.

“In fact, during the last race of the season Tommy Jr. set a new track record, but the last truck to qualify broke his record.”

Tommy Jr. finished third in rookie points and sixth overall in the season points. “With all of the problems they had in the first half of the season,” Wood said, “they didn’t expect such positive results in the end.”

“After such a successful comeback last season using AMSOIL grease, gear lube, and the transmission fluid, this year they are going bumper to bumper with AMSOIL lubricants,” Wood said. “Tommy and Tommy Jr. would like to thank AMSOIL for the great products and a great season.”

Rookie driver Tommy St. John Jr. in Victory lane
Rookie driver Tommy St. John Jr. in Victory lane

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