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Amsoil President A.J. AmatuzioFirst, I want to congratulate you all for recognizing the AMSOIL opportunity and making it work so well for you and all of us here at AMSOIL. Your sales are up, your sponsoring is up, and when you enjoy success, we also enjoy success. We are, after all, dependent on each other. That’s what I want to talk about to you in this message; our interdependence.

The most important element in both our businesses success continues to be the excellent products we manufacture and you market. As most of you know, I take a tremendous amount of pride in the products we manufacture. Our company makes the best lubricants in the world, period. I don’t hesitate to make that statement and challenge anyone or any other company to prove me wrong. That won’t happen because our competitors know it’s true.

But, if you want to know anything about a company, the best people to talk to are its suppliers. They know better than anyone else the caliber of a company’s products because they supply the raw materials used to make them. AMSOIL purchases raw materials from some of the largest corporations in the world, and their representatives call on us on a regular basis.

In past weeks my staff and I met with two such companies. One representative acknowledged that based on the products we purchase from them, they know our goal is to produce the best lubricants on the market. He said when his company develops new and better products, AMSOIL is the first company they call. They know if they can produce a better performing product, we will be interested. Our criteria is always to buy raw materials that outperform everything else on the market so our finished products do the same.

I was pleased to have our staff hear this comment coming from such a large and respected company. Among ourselves, we are very confident that the lubricants we make are the best, but we are also always looking for ways to improve them, and its good to know our suppliers understand and appreciate this.

At another such meeting with another supplier from a giant additive company, I noted that generally speaking, the best lubricants today are made in Europe. These gentlemen agreed, but also pointed out that none compare with the quality of AMSOIL lubricants. He said U.S. oil companies are just now trying to do what I did twenty five plus years ago, but they still don’t have the commitment to quality that has made AMSOIL what it is today. Believe me, that commitment remains as strong today as it was when I started this company. As I watch and listen to my staff at these meetings, I can’t help but take pride in the fact that they demand the best our suppliers have to offer. They won’t accept second best because they know I won’t!

Over these past nearly thirty years, the name AMSOIL has become synonymous with high quality lubricants and other products. You, our Dealers, depend upon AMSOIL to provide you with these highest quality products. And we, in turn, depend upon you to sell those products and continue to build our sales force through your sponsoring. Your success guarantees our success, and vice-versa.

This issue of Action News introduces our newest top quality product, our Formula 4-Stroke Motor Oil. This product answers the need for motor oils used in ATV’s, 4-stroke outboards, lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, and other 4-stroke engines. It, along with the many other products we manufacture that are used in outdoor machinery and sporting equipment, make it easier than ever to sign up Retail Accounts that sell sports equipment. That includes our 2-cycle oils, marine lubricants, motorcycle oils, chaincase oil, greases, MP and MPHD, shock oils, etc. The AMSOIL name is known and respected in this market and you should definitely be taking advantage of it in your business.

I was speaking to my good friend Direct Jobber, Matt Koenig, the other day about his AMSOIL business. Matt has always placed a lot of emphasis on personal sales and has been quite successful doing so. But he told me he has become more and more aware of the importance of sponsoring and building his organization. It is crucial in maximizing the income potential of his business, just as it is for every AMSOIL Dealer. That’s why signing up Retail Accounts that can sell your whole line of outdoor sports equipment lubricants should be a part of your business plan.

Our job here at AMSOIL is to provide the tools required to make your success as easy to attain as possible. The quality of our products is paramount in that effort. But the one thing we can’t provide is the motivation to work hard at your business. Motivation has got to come from within, and we need to continually re-motivate ourselves. Like one of our keynote speakers at a past AMSOIL Convention, Zig Zigler, once said, getting motivated is just like taking a shower. It doesn’t last. You’ve got to take your shower every day!

A. J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

I have been selling and using Amsoil products since 2008. I will not sell any product I don't use myself. Your cars will last for 150K+ miles with no problems. I have a 2004 Toyota truck with 217K miles and a 4runner with over 170K miles running fine. Cell: (702) 994-4646

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