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A Recipe for Success Just add Snow

Amsoil Racer Justin Tate
Team AMSOIL rider
Justin (JT) Tate

If you think the off-season for the AMSOIL snocross team means sipping something cool by the pool while working on a tan, you would be half right. It is a time for some relaxation, but preparations for the next season are never far from their minds.

Team owner Steve Scheuring has been enjoying Denver omelets with Canadian bacon, jetting from Colorado to Toronto, and points in between, nailing down deals and sponsorships for the 2001-2002 season.

World-class riders DJ Eckstrom and Justin Tate will be back in the saddles this season. Eckstrom finished third in World Snowmobile Association Pro Open points last year despite breaking a leg during last year’s hiatus. Eckstrom had minor surgery to remove the steel rod from that leg this summer, but the Proctor, Minnesota native says he feels no ill effects and is ready to go. Tate has spent a little more time on motocross tracks this summer preparing for the gruelling snow circuit. Tate was fourth in overall WSA Pro Stock points.

Dennis (DJ) Eckstrom
The other half of the dynamic duo
Dennis (DJ) Eckstrom

The AMSOIL guns will be among the world’s elite when the X-Games take place in Colorado. Eckstrom pulled off a stunning bronze finish last year at Mt. Snow, Vermont. Expect major media exposure from the guys when they compete again in snocross and the new hillcross. Eckstrom and Tate have a very good chance of doubling up on medals at the February games.

Expect something new trackside as well. AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports set the standard four years ago when it unveiled a tractor and trailer for the team. This year there is a new rig and new look. Already the class of the WSA, the transporter will no doubt be the talk of the pits and garnish plenty of attention from media covering the growing sport.

Team Mastermind Steve Scheuring
Team Mastermind Steve Scheuring

Also new this year will be a new race team shop. Scheuring, with cooperation from the the city of Aurora, Minnesota, has built a state-of-the-art, 3700 sq. ft. building to house the team. On the grounds will be a test track complete with snow-making capabilities.

Tate and Eckstrom are known for their high-flying and hard-charging racing styles and that’s a perfect fit for a new sponsor. The U.S. Air Force is with the team this season.

USAF officials say they want to feature the AMSOIL riders in some public service announcements in 2002. The season kicks off at the Duluth National Snocross during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Amsoil Team Transporter Truck
The Team AMSOIL transporter is a work in progress. The new truck will be a first-class rig featuring a 30-foot AMSOIL logo.

Team Amsoil Truck Interior
It’s looks brand new now, but in a few weeks this trailer will be full of tools, parts and snowmobiles.

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