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James Thomas, the manager of a Texaco Quick Lube Center in Minnesota, speaks about the AMSOIL XL-7500 oil change program.

Amsoil XLO 10W-40 Synthetic Motor OilACTION NEWS: How receptive have your customers been to AMSOIL XL-7500 extended drain oil changes? How’s the XL-7500 program treating you?

THOMAS: It’s treating me pretty well. Some people jump at the opportunity to have their oil changes extended, while for others it’s just a matter of education.

ACTION NEWS: What do you mean?

THOMAS: Well, some people realize that premium synthetics such as AMSOIL are worth the extra charge, and they understand they can stop back any time to have their oil and other fluids checked. They understand that it saves them money in the long run. But some people have been told to change their oil every 3,000 miles for so long that they just don’t understand, even after being shown the cost analysis breakdown. Education, you see? Education. People are used to 3,000 mile oil changes, and they don’t understand the technology.

ACTION NEWS: In the quick lube industry, some operators feel extended oil changes cause them to lose money. How do you feel about this idea? In addition, do you think it’s easier for people to have oil changes done this way?

THOMAS: Well, in the last quarter, in addition to our regular oil changes, we did over 621 AMSOIL XL-7500 oil changes and six AMSOIL 25,000-mile oil changes. Some days the XL-7500 mile changes amount to 30 percent of my sales. I also try to make sure that when people get the 7,500 mile services, they understand that they should stop by periodically to have things checked over under the hood. When this happens, we still have the opportunity to sell them the windshield wipers, air filters, lightbulbs, etc. Sometimes when they stop back and have seen what the AMSOIL difference is, we have more credibility and I’m able to sell them tranny flush or differential lubes. So we make our money right away through the oil changes, and in addition to that, when customers stop by for preventive maintenance. People definitely like the service and products we give them, and they tell their friends about us.

ACTION NEWS: I notice there is a big difference between the levels of 7,500- mile changes and 25,000-mile changes. Why do you think this is? Do you think the number of 25,000-mile changes will increase as people become more aware?

THOMAS: I think the difference is because people need to get used to the idea of extended oil drains. Like I said, first of all, you have to educate them on the 7,500-mile oil change alone, and they always ask, “What’s the difference?” I just tell them it’s their [AMSOIL’s] highest grade synthetic. The 25,000-mile change is more difficult to sell right now, but when 7,500-mile customers come back, I think they’ll be more receptive to the 25,000-mile change after seeing how good the product is. For some people, it takes time to build confidence in synthetics.

ACTION NEWS: Do you use AMSOIL in your own vehicles? Any personal experiences that would cause you to espouse your beliefs in the quality of AMSOIL products?

THOMAS: I wouldn’t use anything else. I went through the 20 below weather we had back in January with the XL-7500 in. I have an older vehicle, a full-size Waldoch conversion van, and I don’t plug it in. I live on a street where you have to change your parking every night so the plows can get by, and you just can’t get an extension cord to your vehicle. You also run the risk of hooligans stealing it or someone spinning their tires on it. I was using the XL-7500 10W-30 at that time and my vehicle started every day like it was 40 above. I just switched to the 25,000-mile program using the 5W-30.

ACTION NEWS: It sounds like you’re pretty happy. Did you see an increase in fuel mileage?

THOMAS: Yes, I’m pretty happy. I don’t go on many extended trips, so it’s kind of hard to gauge the mileage all the time. However, the last time I did go on a trip, I noticed I got a few more miles to the gallon, but I didn’t write it down. You know, one of the reasons I changed to the AMSOIL 25,000-mile program is because I run this place and even I don’t have time to change my oil. I’m serious! I use it because anywhere I can save time is good.

ACTION NEWS: Well, it looks like there’s a few customers coming in. I’ll let you get to work. Thank you for your time and thank you for using AMSOIL.

THOMAS: Hey, I’m serious. It’s good stuff! AMSOIL is clearly the best choice for quick lube customers, as well as quick lube operators. If Thomas’ shop continues performing over 600 AMSOIL XL-7500 oil changes per quarter, they will do over 2,400 in a year. At $49.99/change, they will have over $119,976 in revenue on AMSOIL oil changes alone.


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