Las Vegas Racer Leaves Late Models for NASCAR, Credits AMSOIL for Success

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Jason Allen of Las Vegas began his racing career in a Legends car. With friend and partner Chris Trickle, Allen quickly made a name for himself and was ready to move up to something bigger. Allen settled into a late model car and found his calling. Unfortunately Trickle wouldn’t be there to see Allen’s success. He would be killed in a driveby shooting. Allen had now found new motiviation. He made a shambles of the late model circuit.

“Even during the hottest months of the summer, where the temperature was as high as 115 degrees, we never had to change a motor. Heck, we didn’t even take the motor out of the car to change pistons and rings. While other teams were going up in smoke, due to oil breakdown, we continued to run strong all year.” “After using the Gear Lube for the first time we decided not to even run a rear-end cooler in the car. Our gears stayed nice and fresh throughout our Championship year. We also use your MP Metal Protector on a daily basis while working on the cars. We even cancelled our free use of WD-40. Your MP just works better.” ~ Jason Allen

The pinnacle of the 2001 year was the winning of “The July Blast-Off” at The Bullring in Las Vegas. Allen went on to become the 2001 NASCAR Late Model Rookie of the Year and 2001 NASCAR Late Model Champion. Looking for a new challenge, Allen moved up to the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series. He saw limited action because of the waning season. He debuted at Las Vegas where he avoided several wrecks and a bad transmission to finish 19th. Allen climbed into the cockpit of his Pontiac Grand Prix for a couple more races. He vows to be back behind the wheel in 2002 with winning on his mind and AMSOIL in his car.

Amsoil Late Model Race Driver Jason Allen of Las Vegas
Amsoil Late Model Race Driver Jason Allen of Las Vegas

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