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In the June AMSOIL Magazine there was an article with vehicles factory-filled with synthetic oils. Was it by design to omit the Corvette from that list? I am sure there are more cars and maybe trucks now factory-filled with synthetics like European cars and even motorcycles. Could you compile a complete list and make an article out of that info, or at least pass it along? Also a list of vehicles that recommend synthetics would be nice.

I am not sure how to go about it, but putting all diesel oil in a group or class would be worth looking into. Keep up the awesome job making the AMSOIL Magazine better.

Bill Crow

AMSOIL: The Corvette is indeed factory-filled with synthetic motor oil, as mentioned in the body of the article. The list, however, is not exhaustive and highlights only the top selling vehicles factory-filled with synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils. Those interested can view the online owner’s manuals for many vehicles sold today to determine the factory-fill oil and service fill recommendations.


I am selling AMSOIL on a part-time basis at this time along with working one fulltime and one on-call job. Believe it or not, I do have time for all three. I am trying to do my best at all three, but it seems everytime I turn around I run into a wall with AMSOIL. If it’s not a price hike (which can be explained) or problems with accounts complaining about having to pay shipping when no one else charges it, now it’s a new Dealer website. I don’t have time to learn a new Dealer website when there was nothing wrong with the old one. Everything was there in plain sight and easy to get to. Please try to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Ken & Barb La Fountain

AMSOIL: While we realize any change comes with a learning curve, the new Dealer Zone's flyout menus, large graphics and enhanced search function are designed to improve navigation, ease of use and searchability. We're confident with time you will find the new Dealer Zone to be an improvement. In fact, the positive comments AMSOIL has received regarding the new Dealer Zone have outweighed the negative.


I am a Preferred Customer and have been using AMSOIL products for seven years. I just started to use it in my 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 1500 Series with the 5.3 L code 3 engine. I am finding the installation and the removal of the EaO50 oil filter is very difficult being the length is so short. Maybe using a cup/cap type filter wrench instead of the strap type could make things easier. It could stand to be about 2” longer without it sticking out and causing other issues. I realize this would add to the cost. The filters tend to be getting smaller in size as time goes on.

I also find the smooth finish on these filters (I also use EAO64) make installation and removal a bit difficult. It sure would be nice to have the 1” grip type band that the Fram filters have. Are there any plans to incorporate any changes to the Amsoil filters?

Thanks for your time to answer my questions

Rick Houle

AMSOIL: The EaO50 oil filter's size cannot be changed. Ea Oil Filters are manufactured to meet OEM size specifications to ensure they fit every application for which they are designed. AMSOIL is currently investigating technologies for the next generation of Ea Oil Filters, and your suggestion regarding finish will be considered.


I have been selling and using Amsoil products since 2008. I will not sell any product I don't use myself. Your cars will last for 150K+ miles with no problems. I have a 2004 Toyota truck with 217K miles and a 4runner with over 170K miles running fine. Cell: (702) 994-4646


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