The Birth of the AMSOIL Logo and the Strong Brand it Represents

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Amsoil New Logo
The AMSOIL logo represents a “storage point” for consumers’ attitudes about the company and its Dealers. Amsoil will always be "the first in synthetics".

The AMSOIL logo has become increasingly recognizable over the years. Today it’s displayed on vehicles, at racetracks and in advertisements throughout North America. As many Dealers know, the AMSOIL logo can trigger a positive response from people, and simply wearing AMSOIL clothing in public can lead to sales. The process of developing the company’s strong brand and infusing the AMSOIL logo with value, however, has taken time and effort.

“At one time, obviously, AMSOIL was relatively unknown,” said Kevin McBride, AMSOIL vice president, marketing and communications. “But today, as more and more consumers come to appreciate the quality of our products, we have developed a large and dedicated legion of AMSOIL users. A person would be hardpressed to see the logo of another oil company appear on more vehicles or in more places than the AMSOIL logo appears.”

The AMSOIL brand began taking shape even before AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio formulated the first 100 percent synthetic motor oil to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements in 1972.

“From the very start when Al Amatuzio began researching synthetic oil and experimenting with formulations, the commitment to quality was paramount,” said McBride. “Even though the logo and company name have evolved since then, the brand has remained synonymous with performance.”

With the AMSOIL brand and a growing network of Dealers winning over customers, the AMSOIL logo began attaining real value in the marketplace. As customers realized greater wear protection, increased fuel efficiency and extended drain savings, they subconsciously associated the AMSOIL logo with positive emotions.

“Branding is inherently subliminal,” said AMSOIL Graphic Design Manager Jeff Spry. “The positive emotions customers have toward a product or company tend to become embedded within an identifiable piece of company messaging, usually the logo.” The logo then becomes a “storage point” for those positive attitudes.

“Encountering the logo on the bumper of a vehicle, in an advertisement or on a Dealer’s clothing then triggers those positive emotions,” Spry said.

That can encourage prospects to purchase AMSOIL products and experience their benefits firsthand. To build on its brand foundation, AMSOIL routinely tests its products alongside competitors’ products and publishes the results, infusing the logo with more value among consumers. Sponsoring and supplying products for winning racers such as Bob Teague, Scott Douglas and Trey Canard also helps, as does the company’s association as the Official Oil for notable events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“AMSOIL invests a great deal of money and effort into sponsoring these events and drivers. When people see the AMSOIL logo on winning race vehicles, it strengthens the brand,” McBride said. “It also enhances recall of messaging and helps develop a rapport with consumers on an emotional level. This occurs over time and is vital to company and Dealer growth as the brand’s message, image and association develop.”

The AMSOIL brand has become so closely tied to the logo that AMSOIL has policies preventing the alteration of its colors, font or other characteristics when using it for advertising or other promotional activities.

“In branding, consistency is vital,” said Spry. “Altering the logo can interfere with a customer or prospect’s ability to recall AMSOIL messaging. It’s critical to successful business that those using our logo maintain its current form.”

Attaching a great logo to average products does nothing to strengthen the AMSOIL brand or the Dealer network. That’s why AMSOIL will always affix its logo only to products that have been thoroughly tested and shown to exhibit superior results. In this way consumers will continue to develop positive attitudes toward the company and its Dealers, and both will enjoy strong growth well into the future.


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