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AMSOIL R/C Off-Road Trucks
The successes of AMSOIL Super Team TORC Series drivers Scott Douglas and Mike Oberg provide invaluable exposure for AMSOIL on the track, but their popularity has also translated into valuable exposure off the traditional off-road track. Traxxas offers fans of all ages the chance to drive their own Scott Douglas/ Mike Oberg Edition radio-controlled (R/C) off-road racing trucks. The trucks are available in five different models, all complete with officially licensed AMSOIL Scott Douglas and Mike Oberg bodywork: the 1:10 scale electronicpowered 2WD Slash, 2WD Slash VXL and 4×4 Slash VXL; the 1:16 scale electronic-powered 4×4 Slash VXL and the fuel-burning two-stroke Slayer Pro 4×4.

Outfitted with technology straight from the world of off-road competition, all five trucks provide authentic handling dynamics that allow them to behave just like their full-size counterparts. The Slash VXL models are powered by state-of-the-art Velineon brushless electric motors, while the Slayer Pro 4×4 model features the high-revving twostroke TRX 3.3 racing engine. Outfitted with 2.4 GHz radio systems, top speeds range from 30 to 50+ mph.

The trucks can be seen in R/C competitions throughout the TORC season as Traxxas provides a full R/C racing program at every stop of the TORC Series, complete with professional announcing, electronic lap counting and national-caliber racetracks. AMSOIL Scott Douglas/Mike Oberg R/C trucks are available at hobby stores across the nation (a store locator is available at, or they may be purchased directly from Traxxas at Traxxas customer support is available at 888-TRAXXAS.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy R/C and Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks
The AMSOIL Shock Therapy monster truck and driver Jon Zimmer provide valuable brand exposure at monster truck shows across the nation, and now fans can pick up both R/C and Hot Wheels replicas of their favorite truck.

The 1:10 scale solid-axle Shock Therapy R/C monster truck was developed by Crawford Performance Engineering and is built to almost exactly replicate the actual Shock Therapy truck, featuring front and rear steering, four link bars and aluminum chassis and parts. Also available in a smaller Sumo version, AMSOIL Shock Therapy R/C monster trucks are available at RedCat Racing R/C dealers,, suddenimpact. com and several other online stores. AMSOIL Shock Therapy R/C truck wraps are also available through Sudden Impact, allowing fans to convert any R/C vehicle into an AMSOIL Shock Therapy monster truck.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy Hot Wheels vehicles are currently available at many stores that carry Mattel Hot Wheels products, including Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart. The trucks are available in the standard 1:64 scale and several other sizes.

Hot Wheels Amsoil Toy Truck


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