Amsoil introduces SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil

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AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil ISO 32/46New AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil is a premium quality, multi-viscosity lubricant formulated for industrial applications calling for either an ISO-32 or ISO-46 compressor oil or coolant. It meets the requirements of 5W-20 and is recommended for use in single and multi-stage rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps that call for this viscosity.

AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Compressor Oil is formulated with premium synthetic ester technology. It effectively extends compressor life and reduces maintenance costs by reducing component wear and protecting against oxidation, corrosion, foam and rust. It is also highly resistant to water, preventing damaging oil/water emulsions and allowing for longer lubricant life and ease of water removal from the sump.

Users of polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) type compressor oils will find significant cost savings by switching to AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Compressor Oil. Market research shows AMSOIL SIROCCO™ is priced an average of over $1,000 less per drum when compared to Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra-Coolant® or Sullair Sullube 32®, and it safely replaces these products following normal oil change procedures, without extensive flushing. AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Compressor Oil further reduces maintenance and used product disposal costs through extended drain intervals. SIROCCO™ may be used for up to 8,000+ hours (about 1 year of constant compressor operation) in most compressor applications. The inherent lubricity and thermal conductivity of SIROCCO™ Compressor Oil also save money spent on energy by reducing energy consumption, increasing operational efficiency and lowering operating temperatures.

AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil maintains performance across a wide operating temperature range. Its low pour point, high viscosity index and lack of paraffins (wax) make it an excellent all season lubricant. At high temperatures, SIROCCO™ forms virtually no carbon, allowing for clean operation. At cold temperatures, equipment starts easier and the lubricant is quickly pumped to critical components, preventing lubricant starvation and excessive wear.

AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil has higher flash, fire and auto ignition points than competitive petroleum oils. Its resistance to carbon formation and its ashless additive system minimize the incidence of deposits acting as ignition-promoting hot spots.

AMSOIL SIROCCO™ Synthetic Compressor Oil is compatible with the vast majority of compressor oils that are available on the market, including mineral oil compressor oils, diester compressor oils and polyalphaolefin (PAO) compressor oils, as well as polyalkyleneglycol fluids or PAG type compressor oils. AMSOIL SIROCCOTM Compressor Oil is not compatible with silicone compresser oils such as Sullair 24KT TM.


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