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7-Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobbers Bill and Donna Durand
7-Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobbers Bill and Donna Durand

AMSOIL Direct Jobbers Bill and Donna Durand of Superior, Wis. have one of the largest organizations in the AMSOIL Dealer network. They joined AMSOIL in the early years, and their business has grown ever since.

They recently reached the 7-Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber level. They share the top spot in the company with Direct Jobber Dave Mann of Traverse City, Mich., who earned the highest level a month ago.

From the first meeting with AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio, Durand was sold on the AMSOIL opportunity. “AMSOIL has brought a lifetime of changes for us, all for the better,” Durand said. “We’ve come a long way since activating our business at the kitchen table in 1976. At our first meeting in April 1974, we were so inspired by the Colonel (AMSOIL President Al Amatuzio). From the start, we felt his AMSOIL dream was worth fighting for, so we just did that.”

Durand’s military and administrative background helped him build a large sales organization. “We’re thankful for our dynamic and growing sales team that stretches from coast to coast,” Durand said.

He told Amatuzio in 1974 they would sponsor 35,000 of the nation’s highest quality Dealers. “Today our nationwide SEL organization is more than 40 times the size AMSOIL INC. was on the day we joined,” Durand said.

The Durands built their business the old fashioned way. Durand understood the benefits of AMSOIL products for limiting costly downtime and inefficient operation of machinery. He also understood how to recruit new Dealers. In those early days, the Durands stocked AMSOIL products at their home, boxed everything by hand and delivered the products to their customers. Donna did all of the paperwork, together they held meetings in their home and recruited their six children to pitch in.

It paid off. The Durands became Direct Jobbers in 1976. “At the end of the first year, we had more than 450 Dealers and several Directs onboard,” he said. “People were excited about synthetic lubricants and so were we. We knew we had found our own oil well.”

His first commission check was $27.05, Durand said. The second one came in at just over $300, and by the third month they earned $1,225. “We grew that fast by sponsoring Dealers,” Durand said. “In AMSOIL, there is no glass ceiling.”

The unlimited income potential of the AMSOIL opportunity is especially important in today’s economic climate, Durand said.

Amsoil Special Vehicles for Direct Jobbers
AMSOIL VEHICLES — These Lincolns are among the perks of owning a large AMSOIL business for
Direct Jobbers Bill and Donna Durand of Superior, Wis.

Every advance in the company’s ability to distribute products — such as direct shipping from the warehouse or distribution centers — along with technological improvements increases income potential and makes it easier for Dealers to succeed. “The Preferred Customer Program is really one of the best things that ever came along,” Durand said.

Although Durand still delivers products to some of his customers, most orders now ship directly from the AMSOIL warehouse or distribution centers.

The advent of the Internet removed every limitation for Dealers. Dave Mann’s rapid growth was mostly accomplished online.

Mann has extensive knowledge of AMSOIL products and is a self-described “gear head” of many years. “I focus primarily on the Internet business model as I believe it is an effective method to connect with other performance-minded automotive and powersport enthusiasts from around the country,” Mann said.

Mann also works hard to enlarge his organization, but he does it through contacts he makes online as an expert in different forums. Mann said his extensive knowledge of the products and the business model allow him to provide the hands-on support new Dealers and customers require.

Durand also provides one-on-one support to his extensive downline. “Regardless of downliners’ goals, styles or methods of operation, we aim to assist and encourage them in reaching new heights,” Durand said. “That’s our job, to help others grow.”

Long-time AMSOIL Direct Jobbers have a responsibility to pass their knowledge on to the next Dealers and to applaud their new ways of operating, Durand said. Durand encourages new Dealers. “Go where the openings are,” he said. “Right now there’s not a single 6-Star DJ in the whole world. You should plan now to act; fill that key position.

“We’ve far exceeded our goals, and it’s time for us to step aside and promote new generations of leaders on their way to the top,” Durand said. “The energized Dealer teams we see crossing the AMSOIL award stage today will outproduce and outperform our achievements in every way, and it’s our obligation to assist them to do just that. The future of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, now more than ever, is in good hands.”


I have been selling and using Amsoil products since 2008. I will not sell any product I don't use myself. Your cars will last for 150K+ miles with no problems. I have a 2004 Toyota truck with 217K miles and a 4runner with over 170K miles running fine. Cell: (702) 994-4646

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