Team AMSOIL Doubles Up in Michigan

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Bob Teague and Paul Whittier of Team Amsoil
Bob Teague and Paul Whittier collected two more checkered flags in Michigan.

After taking a win in Harrison Township, Mich., Team AMSOIL offshore racers Bob Teague and Paul Whittier began preparations for the hotly-contested Saint Clair River Offshore Race in Saint Clair, Mich. the following weekend.

Upon the start of the Saint Clair River Offshore Race, Team AMSOIL ran on the outside of the very fast Team boat through the first two turns and down the back straightaway. On the first lap going into turns three and four, Team AMSOIL correctly anticipated that Team would push them on a wide line at the turn, and they used it to their advantage, successfully passing on the inside, steadily increasing their lead for the remaining 15 laps and taking the victory.

Teague and Mike Defrees competed next at the second annual Great Lakes Grand Prix. With winds close to 20 MPH whipping up Lake Michigan, Team AMSOIL worked hard to keep within striking distance of Team Stihl, but finished a strong second in the 80 mile race.

Team AMSOIL currently holds first place in the SBI National Standings and OPA/Geico Series.

Team Amsoil Speed Boat Number 77

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