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New partnerships bring new market exposure.

Motorsports has been one of the key cogs to the AMSOIL marketing strategy over the past several years. From snowmobiles to off-road trucks, AMSOIL has strengthened its presence in several new disciplines over the past decade. Now, the AMSOIL logo will branch out from fenders and hairpin turns to fishing and hunting hideouts.

“AMSOIL continues to diversify its marketing strategy,” said AMSOIL Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer. “The company has been successful implementing programs on the track, and now has the opportunity to increase its involvement with the hunting and fishing markets, which provide millions of potential AMSOIL customers.”

Hall of Fame Fishing
While versatility is important, so is expertise. When it comes to walleye and musky fishing, AMSOIL has partnered with the industry’s foremost experts. National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame members Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz are world-renowned for their walleye tactics and tackle innovation, while Pete Maina is considered North America’s number one authority on everything related to musky and northern pike. Together, the trio hosts the popular fishing program The Next Bite, which airs on Versus Network every weekend. The show reaches out to the nearly 40 million anglers in North America by providing detailed information on fish patterns, hot spots and technology trends.

Along with hosting the weekly fishing show, all three anglers dive deep into the sport’s competitive side. Parsons and Kavajecz are multiple Anglers of the Year on the FLW tour, while Maina has caught some of the largest muskies ever recorded.

The fishing industry provides an overall economic impact of $125 billion per year, and through sponsorship of The Next Bite, AMSOIL has an insider’s track to reaching new customers in this massive market.

A New Frontier
AMSOIL has successfully diversified its portfolio over the past decade. Race sponsorships are backed through print and television advertising and continually supported through web advertising and promotions. Combined, it all produces great exposure for AMSOIL Dealers and lends credibility to the company’s complete line of products.

“Programs like Deer and Deer Hunting and The Next Bite complement not only one another, but the company’s marketing efforts as a whole,” said AMSOIL Director of Advertising Ed Newman. “AMSOIL markets to everyone from race fans to engine builders to classic car enthusiasts, and the company has now set foot in the sportsman market, which is full of enthusiasts who are both loyal and ready to purchase premium quality AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.”

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